Canadian Pressings.

I've recently acquired quite a few Canadian pressings of popular American releases. At first I kind of felt like they had that record club stigma. Like, you have the record but you really don't. But, by and large, it seems they are all comparable (some better, some worse, all within the 1st standard deviation) to the US pressings that I have heard.

I know European/Japanese/Latin American pressings often come from later generation masters than the US pressings, but given the geography, I wonder if the Canadian pressings are more like "just another American pressing plant."

Those that were under license to Quality Records (A&M, some others) also sounded good, by and large.

Any insight? Thoughts? Experiences?
I have a few Warner Bros.and Geffin Canadian Pressings which are excellent and are a bit better quality pressings and sonically superior to the LA, Calf. Studio pressings IMO. The record shops whom I deal with for used vinyl seem to like them as well. I think the Japanese pressings are very good also, but more hit and miss IMO and are generally higher priced record for record than the Canadian versions in my experience.I cant really explain the reason, but I hear the difference. Could be better QC or more care/time taken in the pressing of the Vinyl.
I know that your question was about vinyl, but I have several CD's that were Canadian pressed, and sound better than the American CD's.
I just listened to a Canadian pressing of Don Henly's "Building the Perfect Beast" and it was unlistenable. Is the US version as bad? Maybe it's just a bad mastering job. Or a dud pressing.