Canada Rocks: 70s lost lps pt 2...

Our friends to the North who guzzle beer and impart violence on each other on skates..on ice...with sticks...have a quirky rock heritage...Prism, Saga, Triumph, Trooper, etc...any other "under the radar" Canucks that rock?
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Wow...a Triumph reference! That was a kick a** band with Rik Emmett on guitar. I love it! As a lad growing up outside Buffalo, NY, I was exposed to a good deal of Canuck rock. I also owned Prism's first LP.

Might I suggest Max Webster? Long time opening band for Rush (but I'm sure *you* know of this band).

Those fortunate to live in Chicago, Buffalo, and other USA cities that get Canadian radio stations are more exposed to current Canadian bands...but there's Arcade Fire, The Tragically Hip.

I'm afraid that living in Los Angeles, I'm out of touch.

Here's list of Canadian bands.

Thanks for the thread, and have fun!
April Wine, and they are still going at it. I am seeing them at my local small venue.
Chilliwack, anyone?
FM (also see "Nash the Slash"), and Frank Marino/Mahogany Rush are two contemporaries that immediately come to mind given your list. Saga's debut LP is one of my favorites. A lot of great metal and hard rock from up there as well.
I'll add to the above...

Three Days Grace, if you can handle some seriously angry rock. Blue Rodeo is an excellent country-rock band with a dozen records to their credit, what's taking so long for them to be embraced in the U.S.? Saga's live album is a must have, even if the recording was horrible. Kim Mitchell came from Max Webster, worth checking out. How about Bruce Cockburn for scintillating political commentary put to music, Leonard Cohen for the best poet of the last 100 years, and Aldo Nova (who's music was average but his production abilities second to none). Corey Hart and Nickelback suck (really suck). I'll say again, they suck. How about Bachman Turner Overdrive (BTO) or Bryan Adams for pop music? The Box was a fun band, but the reliance on keyboards can grind you down some.

For those of you that like to expand their horizons and can deal with French music, Offenbach was an absolutely awesome blues based band (as is the Downchild Blues Band), Harmonium was the French CSNY. And yes, there's the Hip :) There's many more, I'm just shooting off the hip.
How could I overlook Our Lady Peace, The Tea Party, and of course.. The Band
Klaatu. Anyone know their story.. by any chance?
The Guess Who
Burton Cummings
The east coast has produced some great well-known and lesser known artists: Sloan Great Big Sea, being a couple of the former. Peter Elka, who I believe is still recording 'solo' had a really terrific alt-pop band called Local Rabbits, they put out I think 3 really well made and catchy CDs in the 90's, but definitely under the radar.
On the west coast we had in particular the Grapes of Wrath that were a real standout to me.
In the 70's one of my faves was Crowbar, insane marathon live shows. Another insane (one man) live show is Ashley MacIsaac.
Colin James is a Canadian if I remember correctly and even though the Wilson sisters are from Seattle the band Heart formed in Vancouver BC.
the wackers....the
neil young
IMHO excellent obscure early 70s heavy rock from acquired taste of course...
Warpig, Blind Ravage, Ellison and Connexion for example
Walter Rossi
Jesse Winchester we adopted
Loved Harmonium
Michel Pagliaro
Gino Vanelli
Joni Mitchell
If I remember correctly, Klaatu had a couple of good albums out in the late 70's. Not sure what happened to the overall band, but a friend of mine had a brother who was in this band. I don't have many details but I know that he committed suicide at a young age, not sure if the band every resumed after that.
Neil Young? Okay, not under the radar per se. . but a rocker nonetheless.
Santers, Moxy, and Coney Hatch! If you haven't heard these, all three are great hard rock bands from Canada.

If you must only have one, get Santers "Racing Time" - love it!
ROBERT CHARLEBOIS, not the very first albums , LINDBERG epoch psychedelic back from a trip to CALIFORNIA coast, spectacular beast to see live when he was younger !!!!!

Was in a railroad tourney with Janis Joplin and is electrical stainless steel violin
Two words "Red Rider"
After 30 yrs still current still meaningful. Truthful lyrics, wonderful beats. Truely an under appreciated gift to us all which was tragicially hidden from our americian friends. Do yourself a favour and find a copy of Neruda. You will not be disappointed.
The New Pornographers (dumb name- great band)and Kathyrn Calder. KC is a member of the NP's; you can hear the "family influence" in her solo album, but has very much a distinct personality.

This Beat Goes On/Switchin' To Glide is
one of the best one hit wonders of all
time and used to be an fm staple (dropped
off the radar for some reason). the whole
album was really good and their guitar player
was kick arse!! MUST HAVE ALBUM/CD.


Mamma Let Him Play is another of those great
"damn! i havnt heard that in years" tunes.
a real under rated album and jerry doucette
a VERY under rated guitar player.

"he's to young for the blues, he's still inside his
first pair of shoes"