Can you use the same phone stage w 2 turntables

One would be using the MM and one the MC option?
The manual for my VAC Ren says that the phono stage which has 2 inputs (one MM and one MC) can be hooked up to 2 diff. tables. There is a back apron switch that selects between the two. My old Yamaha C2a had 2 seperate phono inputs.
the ZYX artisian ( a stellar piece at $3.5k) and a number of phono stages have this option mc versus mm (or another mc with step up transformer)

- not simultaneously obviously (flick the input switch)
First thing:
Fantastic phono stage - I'm listening to the Chicago "Live @ Carnagie Hall" 4 LP set now!
You can use 2 or more with each input.
I have A VAC Ren. Sig. Mk. II with phono & only use mc cartridges.
I have 2 arms on my Verdier La Platin & use 2 armwands for my 12" Morch DP-6 along with a 12" Da Vinci Grandezza.
I also use a Oracle Anniversary with Breuer Dynamic arm on my second table.
It's this easy:
Just switch the phono cables on either mc or mm input & use the switch on the back of the pre amp (as per Swampwalker) for the correct input.
You may have to open the pre amp to switch cartridge loadings.
Will soon put my new modded Rhea into play & can use 5+ cartridge/arm combinations (including mono) without moving from my chair - except to cue (play/stop).
You can also use a step up transformer & use the mm input for another mc cartridge.
It depends on the phono stage. Most have more than one input, but few offer ease of loading that would accomodate different cartridges, and make it practical.



if it has two separate inputs and switch between them than you can use it.

otherwise you'll have a problem of "stand-by" turntable that will add hum and noise.
I like the advice so far, get a phonostage that accommodates more than one input. What is NOT recommended is to use a "Y" cable or similar.