Can you use a KR 845 tube in Cary 805AE?

Is it possible to use the KR 845 tube in Cary Audio 805AE amps without modification? I've read a few anecdotal accounts of people using the KR 845 with Cary 805 in years past, but wondered if others had direct experience with KR 845 tubes in terms of reliability and tube longevity. The KR 845 is the tube of choice for the maker of Audion 845 amps and it's supposed to deliver remarkably good sound.

FYI, I did email Cary Audio, and they said the tube would work just fine in the 805AE amps.

Anybody using the KR 845 in Cary amps (or others)? What's your feedback? Thanks.
As a follow-up, I have read multiple posts on the Audiogon forum, stating that KR 845 tubes cannot be used successfully in Cary 805 or 211 amps without modification of the filament current. The KR 845 tube filament current is 1.0 A, significantly lower than 845 standard of 3.25 A. It has been stated that KR 845 tubes will fail prematurely without modification of the filament current setting in the amp. Is this true?

Audion is using the KR 845 as their gold standard tube in the Black Shadow 845 amp. Cary Audio also states that the KR 845 is fine in their 805 amp in a direct email reply to me, but I'd like to hear from those who have used the tubes successfully.

Finally, early production of the KR 845 was plagued by increased tube failure because the ribbon filament had a tendency to short out. Supposedly this problem has been solved now. How reliable is current production of KR 845 tubes? Is quality high and consistent?

Thanks very much.
I would ask Cary again and specifically ask them to comment on the filament voltage of the kr 845 tube. Personally, I wouldn't touch a KR845 tube.