Can you top this customer service?

A few months ago I purchased a Resolution Audio CD-50 cd player on ebay. The player sounded great but the stand-by function on the remote did not work. I asked if anybody knew of a fix for this problem on this forum with no help except for a suggestion by Ruebent to contact Jeff Kalt at RA. After explaining the situation to Jeff he decided my CD-50 needed an upgraded chip which he sent me at no charge. This was great except that it didn't fix the problem. Undaunted, Jeff looked further into the problem and realized my player would also need a new remote which he also sent me free of charge. I reinstalled the chip, put batteries in the remote and everything works perfectly now.
That is without a doubt the best customer service I have ever experienced. This was a used cd player after all.
We all may have positive experiences with manufacturers but can you top that one?
Oh yeah, Bjork never sounded better!
A couple of times.
I bought a used Parasound amp that did not work upon arrival. I sent it in to Parasound for repair. They returned it, like new, no charge.
Also bought a used pair of Audience AU24 interconnects, one cable had a short, causing the corresponding channel to go out. I sent them to Audience for repair. In short order, I got back a brand new pair, no charge.
In each case I was willing to pay for repair since they were bought used here on A'Gon. Needless to say, I will always support and promote both these companies for their outstanding customer service.
I bought a used Monster HTPS 7000 signature mk1 power supply,
it started giving me problems, i call Monster cable and told them it was out of warranty and i was the second owner
i send the unit to them, not only did they send me back a brand new unit but it was the new MK2 version that cost about $1400 all at no charge not even the shiping, not only do they make an excellent power supply but the customer service is outstanding.
This supized the heck out of me a recent purchase of a canary amplifer 2 tubes had a bad time in transit,1 broke other flat, contacted comapny 2 fresh replacements no cost at my door.
Not audio equipment, but Schrade Knives. I bought an "Old Timer" series fixed blade hunting/camping knife with a lifetime warranty that included...get this...LOSING THE KNIFE!!!

All that one had to do was send a letter telling Schrade of your loss, and they would send you a free knife! Of course, this was a one time only couldn't keep getting free knives.
Joe Fratus at Art Audio is the best. After having been put through the ringer by my previous amplifier company Joe has gone WAAAY beyond in taking care of any problems I have had............... I recently had a tube go out in my PX25 amp. I called Art Audio and left a message and Joe (the owner) called me back an hour later. He is sending me two new tubes (which were under warranty) and an extra set from a different manufacturer to check out to see if I like them better. Keep the pair I like send the others back no charge. All second day air delivery.

I will be hard pressed to ever give up my Art Audio Amp.... Unless it's for another in his line-up.

My Blue Circle Galatea went "pop" then quit.
Phoned BC and Gilbert Yeung answered.
Didn,t really want to ship back and have my system down for weeks so Gilbert tried to talk me through a few tests to isolate the problem.
It was beyond my basic electronic knowledge but mentioned to Gilbert that I had a friend in Bio-Med and could they
connect by phone and try again.No problem Gilbert replied.
With the cover off the pre and a pre arranged time ( no pun intented) the next day 9:30 PM,Gilbert and my friend went through a few tests over the phone.Unfortunately we didn,t find the problem and the pre was eventually sent to BC.

Problem I had mismatched the tubes which lead to a bigger problem.
BC replaced the tubes ,free of charge ,gave the pre a good going over,fixed the problem and shipped it back a thousand charge and included some lessons in tube rolling.

Can you guess that I was impressed after getting over feeling like an idiot.