Can you suggest a warm high-end CD player?

I want warm warm warm and accurate, not muddy, not bright, not "digital" sounding. $5,000-$15,000 range (give or take). Any suggestions?
Audio Aero Capitole Mark II. Do a thread search on 'Audio Aero'.

Mine works also as a great pre as it has tubed volumn control and I run my DVD player through it on digital coax, my satellite via toslink and the newest models have an analog passthru to allow for you tuner.

This can't work vor vinyl, though.
I will second the Capitole II. I run it direct with my Art Audio PX-25. Prior to this unit I owned a Wadia 861 and a Electrocompaniet which bested the 861 IMHO!! The Capitole really pulls you in to the emotion of the music and seems to be very true to the recording you are listening to.
Audiomeca Mephisto 2X. It uses the same Anagram DAC as the Audio Aero. It's drive is a proprietary design, built from the ground up. The sound is full frequency, but completely unfatiguing. It's no accident that Audiomeca's Pierre Lurne also designs and builds turntables.
The Swiss made Orpheus Labs Zero-P CDP Retail $8000.00 is exactly that, warm, warm, warm and accurate.
Ever-ready to play devil's advocate, I will take a different tack.

Your McIntosh amp is pretty "warm" by itself and I imagine that you don't really need to double up on the tube output. If you can find an EMM CDSD/DAC6 (or DCC2) combo available to try in your system, you may find that you like it. I find that its accuracy creates its own "warmth". The lack of harshness creates a fluidity and sense of "rightness" which by itself is just plain natural. It is seductive (full disclosure: I have the combo and cannot imagine letting go). The DAC6 gives multi-channel DAC output which will work fine with your integrated. If you went for the DCC2 instead, you would have a pre-amp function if you ever decided to go for separate amplification.

While I do not know the "sounds" of the Audio Aero and Audiomecca above, I know a few people who have used at least one of the two and many also liked the Electrocompaniet EMC-1 [though whichever one was owned was obviously worlds better than the others :^)]

In any case, the most important factor will likely be how the chosen DAC/McIntosh/B&W combo works together so I cannot but recommend an in-system test.
If you are looking for the antithesis of "digital" in a digital product, look at the Audionote (uk) line of DACs to mate with a good transport. They make the smoothest, warm and natural sounding DACs that do NOT sound slow and wooley. Accuphase makes some players that also sounded warm and natural (i.e., not digital).

I agree that the Audio Aero is quite natural and beautiful sounding, but I don't think it is "warm" (elevated mid-bass), in fact, it can be a touch lean there. Still, it sounds so good it is worth auditioning. The "cheap" Esoteric, is pretty warm and nice sounding (I like it better than the $15,000 model). I personally did not like the EMM gear (touch bright and cold sounding), and I don't think it is for someone looking for a warm sound.

My "15,000" player is the Naim CDS-3/555PS (outboard power supply) combination. It is reasonably grain free and has less of the artificial hard leading edge to transients, that I associate with digital, than other Naim models, but it is not in the warm, rounded, and "tubey" camp. Worth auditioning, but my guess is that it is not for you.
I third the Audio Aero Capitole MK II. Or, for considerably less money, their earlier Capitole called simply the 24/192 is phenonomal for about half the cost. You should be able to pick one up for about $2600-$2800 used.
If possible, audition the Ayre CD player. It should meet your criteria, and it's relatively "inexpensive" as well.
ayre's new c-5 is a great bang for the buck, hard to beat at any price
APL Denon 3910 - tube output; warm, accurate, great soundstaging - for less than $5K.
I wouldn't call the Ayre cx-7 or cx-5 "warm", more neutral IMHO. I agree with the Capitole, or for something a little more subtle the Electrocompaniet. I owned an EMC-1up for a while and it was a great player, probably the best thing I can say is it is not an impressive demo piece, it's strengths are subtle and you need to listen to it for a while to hear how much it does "right".
04-20-06: Springbok10
APL Denon 3910 - tube output; warm, accurate, great soundstaging - for less than $5K.
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Last I checked, the APL Denon 3910 was $6500.
For $6500 you can just about get an Esoteric X-03 which will crush the APL 3910. Better components, better warranty, and better company. No brainer.
Not going to argue the merits of the APL denon 3910 versus the Esoteric X-03. However, just from a features standpoint, the Denon 3910 plays more formats than the Esoteric X-03..DVD, DVD-A, etc.

Is the Esoteric considered a warm sounding player?

FWIW, I don't consider the APL Denon 3910 a warm sounding player...natural sounding, yes. I have heard warmer digital players, namely the Marantz SA-14 and the Modwright Sony 999ES.
try a california audio labs tempest or aria.
your right, the Ayre CD 5 xe is not exactly warm, but in part it depends on the equipment it is paired with, as well the speakers. As well, eraticating all emi and rf will further the chances of this piece to be warm. I think it is warm but all the other pieces of the puzzle need to be in place. Neutral is a fair consideration of this piece overall. well done
another cd player to consider is one of the older metronome.
how about the top of the line lector ?
I would highly recommend the Cary 303 or 306. The Cary house sound is a little on the dark side with a very nice, warm midrange.
I would strongly recommend the Sony9000esBonModwright, its
less than 3K,trust me this is a heck of a good unit.Its less
expensive than most cdp, but I prefer it more than the players cost 2X.Dan give good service,you also have to consider this,try do do research, before you buy.Many agoners have provided good info who does not give good
service,thanks to them.Good Luck
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