Can You See The Pancake Makeup In Your Blu-Rays?

In 2008 I bought a Marantz BD-8002 Blu Ray player. The image was absolutely stunning. It was so clear, I could see the cracks in the pancake makeup on some of the actors' faces. The player cost was $2k and worth every penny. The player has the Silicon Optics Realta chip. The time it took the disc to load up was an eternity. The outstanding picture made it well worth the wait. The player was hooked up to a projector and played on a 220 inch diagonal screen (16 feet wide x 9 feet high).

Well, my player has died a horrible death and I've been quoted approximately $700 or more to repair it. Marantz no longer makes a player with the Realta chip. Denon makes a universal player with the Realta chip, but it costs $4k...out of my league.

Do the new Oppo players' image stack up to the Realta chip? I would think after four years technology has improved in video and the costs should have come down. I need a new Blu-Ray player, and I'd like to not have to spend $2k again to get that kind of great image again. Also, I'd like to not have to wait 15 minutes for the disc to load as with my old player. Your help would be appreciated in this area with your experiences.
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If you want similar build quality to the Marantz, same if not better video quality(BD and DVD), equal or better sound quality(analog or digital), but with faster loading times and around half the cost of your 8002, the Oppo 95 is the only way to go.

By the Oppo BDP 95 if you like movies and 2 channel listening. If you only care about movie watching, get the 93 model for half the price($500.00). Go on the Oppo web site and see for yourself. You can't find better high end quality for the price. I have the 95 and love it.

Regards Bacardi
It does not take a BluRay player to see all the lines and wrinkles on faces, or the stubble hair by hair on guys.
I only have a 42" early Sony Plasma 720p max resolution.
I can see clearly all sorts of tiny imperfections.
I use a power conditioner, and over the air broadcasts, (especially newscasts and sports are crystal clear HD material and for movies just an upsampling Denon 5910 DVD player.
(Some dvds certainly have low resolution and do not look so great, but many are very good)

So the clarity has little to do with you specific player.
IMO only..
Elizabeth, you and I are talking about two entirely different things here. Your reference is your 42" tv with 720p. On your specific screen, the player may have little to do with clarity. My screen is more than 27 times larger than yours. The differences in picture quality become very apparent immediately with a screen that large if I don't use Blu Ray.

Before I bought the Marantz, I had a previous Blu Ray player. It had a nice picture, I bought the Marantz and the picture was mind-blowing. This is from personal experience with my screen. Your observations and what you see on your screen has no validity in rendering an opinion for a player for a screen my size. You are out of your element on this one.

Anyone out there with a projector have recommendations for a killer Blu Ray player? I think Oppo has a money back guarrantee...I may give them a try.
No hesitation at all to recommend the Oppo. I think you will find it equal to what ou had.
Yeah, apples and oranges. I reread the op description and realize YES a huge screen like the op's will certainly show far more detail than a 42".
My bad.
(My next panel will certainly be 60" or better. My 42 was a $5,000. Plasma back in it's day.)
They are a lot cheaper now Elizabeth! My 50" Panasonic Plasma was 1800.00! They're even cheaper than that now. Believe me I waited a long time before buying.