Can you run the HANA SL MC at 100 ohms?

I am tempted by the Hana low output MC  cartridge which has gotten great reviews and seems good value. However the mfr specs say the loading should be > 400 ohms. My own phono stage only allows 100 ohms for MC cartridges-as do many others. Has anyone tried the Hana at 100 ohms and were you happy with the result?  Also what difference should I expect to hear at 100 versus 400?

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Don’t want to hijack the OP’s post but I have a related question for you impressively knowledgeable fellows.  I know very little about how this all works: I simply enjoy the warm and liquid sound of records.  Anyway, I’m told that the moving-coil input impedance of my 834p has been measured to be 515 Ohms.  Is this maybe why my experiment with the Hana SL hasn’t moved me to the levels of enthusiasm expressed here and by so many others?   It does sound very good to me, with lots of detail, but it’s not really any more emotionally stirring in the mid-range to me than my last couple of two-or-three-hundred dollar cartridges.  
Thanks @lewm I did read the thread (3 times). It’s a learning experience for me.  If you tell me what an SUT is I could check to see if that is indeed what’s in my phono amp.  

Re: my hearing: I don’t pretend to be all that discerning but I do have a genuine love for good sound and exceptional physical problems with bad sound (you could ask my wife). And very sensitive speakers that pick up flaws and nuances.

Re capacitance:

Together with the sales guy I added up the capacitance of what my my rig would be with the Hana cart including headshell, arm/wire, table, and cables and we thought we were well within tolerances. 
Re: resistance

we looked up the MC number for the 834p and it was well above recommended, but some of the fellows here indicate that they’re getting exceptionally good sound with lower resistance phono amps, so...

@big_greg, what you wrote about expectations and experience is what I’d been tending to think too in relation to this cartridge. I may also have made fortunately good pairings with previous carts. I hear a little more detail but probably not $400 a year worth. I think I posted recently (to you?) that I may just go back to an AT when it’s time.

Or I could be all wrong and have other big problems or it’s just a mismatch with my TT. I really don’t know enough to say for sure. 
Still enjoying it though; Particularly on new records. It doesn’t seem to do the magic on the old ones that I keep reading about.

I’m right with you. Just turned 60. And I agree.   I will say that it’s EZ for me to change carts and make adjustments and I can discern significant differences between them.  Must admit that I’d hoped the Hana SL would have made more of an impact.