Can you run the HANA SL MC at 100 ohms?

I am tempted by the Hana low output MC  cartridge which has gotten great reviews and seems good value. However the mfr specs say the loading should be > 400 ohms. My own phono stage only allows 100 ohms for MC cartridges-as do many others. Has anyone tried the Hana at 100 ohms and were you happy with the result?  Also what difference should I expect to hear at 100 versus 400?

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I moved the turntable (Clearaudio Emotion) I have my Hana SL mounted on to a secondary system and am using a Parks Puffin which only has a 200 ohms setting and it sounds great there.  No experience at 100 ohms.
@spiritofradio The original post is over a year old, so I don't think you have to worry too much about hijacking it.  I'm not an expert at this stuff either, but you have to take into consideration that your cables also add some resistance, so you may actually be somewhere around 700 ohms when you factor in the cables.  That may or may not make a difference in how the cartridge sounds, depending on your phono stage.

I am using a Parks Puffin phono stage with my Hana SL, which has only two options, either 200 ohms or 47K.  I've been running it at the 200 ohm setting and it sounds good.

I think it's a nice cartridge at its price point.  I have some that I've paid less for that sound almost as good and some that I've paid more for that sound a bit better.  There are noticeable differences, but not dramatic ones.

I think you have to have realistic expectations about how much difference a cartridge will make in terms of sound quality (and "emotional involvement") and also whether your turntable, phono stage, the rest of your system, and your hearing are resolving enough to notice a dramatic difference.  It's possible there are some folks here that exaggerate the amount of difference they hear when they make an upgrade.  What matters is what you hear.  
@spiritofradio I mention hearing, not because I think yours might be bad, but because I think that's a big variable.  I'm approaching 60 and while I can discern differences between cables, cartridges, bit rates for digital music, etc., those things don't make dramatic differences to me.  Things like speaker changes, different amps, preamps, turntables, CD players, etc., are much more dramatic.  What might seem like a subtle change to me, and not worth spending a ton of money on, may be "dramatic" to another listener and worth every penny.
@lewm Yes, I was thinking about capacitance, not resistance, and thanks for making that distinction.