Can you rip SACD data to a music server/hard drive?

I have been reading reviews of Oppo players where the reviewer mentions listenening  to rips of SACD files. I thought this was not possible since the data is protected or there is no output from the player when reading the file. Is it possible to rip sacd files from the disc to my hard drive and if so how?

Here you go:
I’ve read the threads here, but I have a question.  Currently I listen to SACDs by having my Oppo 105 output DSD into my Bryston DAC-3 which accepts the DSD over HDMI.
  Is there a device that I can connect to the DAC that will record directly from it?
I can do it using the method "milpai" cites.
However, the $5 per disk Golden Ear Dig charges seems an extreme bargain in comparison, unless one has a collection of considerable size.