Can you remember when you could hear???

I am 43 years old and have a very good system but I can still remember things sounding different when I was young. The sizzle of the synthesizer. Different parts of music that I remember. The strum of the acoustic guitar. I know my hearing is not as good. I have to have people repeat what they say. My car stereo did me in. I listened much too loud. You younger people take note.
Possibly --Maybe--- Now I'm so old I can't remember for sure.Like they say I get to hear lots of tunes for the first time;via my old collection.
I blame my hearing problem on my ex -wife. I just ''tuned '' her out. The music was still good!!!
i remember being able to see my toes.
43? this is only the beginning. Next comes that God-awful inability to distinguish between various noises. Traffic in the background begins to really get in the way of a conversation.