Can you recommend a universal player for my system

I am a novice/wanna be audiophile on a limited budget. I just purchased a pair of Hyperion 938 Speakers and a Parasound A23 amp(2 channel) w/ P3 preamp/tuner. I hope to buy a digital projector in the future, but for now I'm looking for a used universal player in the $500 range. Any recommendations?
Denon 2910
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I bought a new one for $1,000 after two denons. The denons don't compete in my opinion.
Why do you want a universal? Do you have a stock of SACD's and DVD'A's? If not, they're barely coming out anymore and
most of the budget universal's are major-league compromised in at least one form of playback. Most of the SACD's and DVD-A's are reissues of old stuff, so you may be buying the same thing again.
Why not put the $ into a better redbook player that will enhance everything you've got?
Unless you already have a bunch of high-resolution CD's, I'd put the $ into something you can use with whatever you've got.
At that price, I would go with the Denon 2900 and then you can have it modified when you have the $$. Excellent speakers, BTW. I really like them with the Hyperion tube mono amps.