Can you recommend a small (in size) Amplifier 150 -250 W Power per channel

I want to replace my FPB250m monoblocks and KRC-3 preamp with an integrated Amp,What would be the smallest (in dimensions) integrated amp that you would recommend that could drive Totem Mani2s ( recommended amplifier requirement for these speakers is : 40-200W (4 ohms).- but in reality below 150-200 W does not go well)

To all of you above :

Thank you all for taking your time to help me with your suggestions. All of these are fantastic suggestions, each one appeared to be exactly what I am looking for. So now I have the daunting (but fun) task of choosing between these. And I really appreciate all your help.

Can you try Wired4sound. Class D amps.  I have one for a could of years. Very nice. 
Audio Alchemy DPA-1 (MSRP $1995) is  small both with both SE and XLR. Can be bought used ~ $900. That is a BARGAIN
but in reality below 150-200 W does not go well

Usually when people say this, it means that the speakers require a very high current amplifier. If you are moving from the big FPB250m to a small chassis Class D amp, you are likely going to have to make some compromises in sound. I'm not saying it's going to sound bad, but none of these amps will have the current of the huge FPB250 with it's massive transformer, huge power supply and full Class A biasing. So, yes, you can probably find a small Class D that sounds good, but it is very likely not going to have the oomph and body of the FPB250.