Can you recommend a audio dealer in Europe?

I am looking for a reputable high end audio dealer preferably in Italy, or alternatively in France. I am trying to decide if I am better off shipping a system from here or buying a replacement abroad.

Thanks for the advice.

Bill E.
try --Gert-Dietmar Hajda
c/o absolute sounds
Monumentenstrasse 10
10965 Berlin
please see

Quest For Sound
Bluenote in Italy (Firenze). Email or call 0571-675005. I cant remember the proprietor's name but I have exchanged emails with him. Straight shooter in my estimation. Carries Harbeth speakers.

Also in the UK, Alastair Gardner at Signals, email Alastair will ship to your destination Im sure.
hifistation 2001,1 hrs. from paris.its really one of the best.
Drop me a mail and tell me what equipment or spares you need. Zurich is very central in Europe. By the way, do bargain! The situation is tough in Europe and dealers are keen to make a sale. Some dealers also at least try to rip off foreigners. So caveat emptor and compare prices! By the way, for the above Florence phonenumber, you'll have to dial the international prefix for Italy and then 571 for Florence. You have to leave out the first zero when dialing from abroad!
I recently moved from the USA to Paris. Based on my experience, HiFI equipment is a lot less costly in the USA than Europe. Especially high end equipment. Personally I use a 2kW transformer/stabilizer to run my 110V equipment in France (220V). You can purchase a whole range of 110/220V transformers from (they are in Houston). However, if you want a recommendation for a good high end dealer in Paris try; Presence Audio Conseil, 10 rue Des Filles Du Calvairt (They have Martin Logan Prodigy speakers in-stock and a lot of used Cello equipment).