Can you reccomend a cable for my VAC 140's

Hello for years I have used NBS cables....masters and pro's I like them very much but it has been a while since I have purchased cables. I recently aquired a pair of VAC 140's and need to get longer(4m) IC's. Is there a better cable the NBS studio pro? I like the Pro but my budget is about 1500 and was wondering what's out there.
Kevin Hayes says stay away from anything with network boxes (Transparent, MIT, etc.). I have had very good luck with Kimber Select all-silver and Jena Symphony, but the Kimber has to remain below 2 meters due to its lack of shielding. I seem to recall Kevin speaking highly of Cardas. The internal wiring is silver-coated copper.
Hi and yes I can -
I have spent years searching and have tried everything on the market and ended up with Nordost Valhalla but this week end I found a company and the factory is only 50 miles from my house.
I called them up and yesterday the owner and founder Louis Mortek came to visit me and what an afternoon we had!
His cables blew the Nordost out of the water in every way you could imagine - also he brought a protoype of a unit that he has been developing for the past five years and it will be unveiled in Colorado next month.
This unit removes all the noise from the wall/substation/power station etc. and is called Firewall it brings the music to a new level and I nearly cried when Louis had to pack it up but I am his first customer for it next month but at least I have two power cords!
If you give me your email I will send some pics that we took yesterday

many thanks

thanks for the responses....I am a little concerned about going to a longer length IC. So I could go from 8ft speaker cables to 12ft. Really that might be the best solution. I would have to rearrange my system but that's not a bad thing. Anybody have any experience with Virtual Dynamics??
I don't mind people trying to make a buck, but a new poster shilling for a vendor under the cover of being a real member of A'gon is just cheesy.

See: 08-24-08: Paulneringa. A member not for years, but for months and only posting about a cable vendor in Lithuania of all places.
Wave - without knowing your speakers, it would not be good to make any recommendation. What I can tell you about Virtual Dynamics is that they are stiff, unwieldy, and only show what they can do when used throughout the system. I have always had good luck with JPS Labs, Nirvana, Purist, and Synergistic (all well shielded designs) with VAC products on the interconnect side. If you let me know about your speakers, I can probably help there as well.

I am using custom dynaudio towers that are 94-96db efficiency. They are a good match with my VAC 70/70 and the 140's should be better still. Today I talked to Walter at NBS and he advised to go with a longer length speaker cable instead of lengthening my IC's...that actually is I can keep the same IC's & PC's I have. I upgraded my NBS masters to the IV's which I think are a little better than what I had.
I did some research and came up with a little known Silicon Valley company:Tersonic.
I have used a number of very fine cables, but I find JPS Superconductor 3 to be the best for a wonderful sense of presence, detail and musicality with my Air Tight ATM-3 monoblocks.
I have a VAC amp (300.1) and preamp (Phi 2.0). Used to use top of the line Virtual Dynamics, but now use Synergistic for a more organic, realistic, musical and "you are there" sound in my system. They are also much easier to work with than the super-stiff VD cabling, which was actually starting to loosen my speakers' binding posts before I finally changed cabling.
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