Can you put an amp between shelves?

I have a DNA 225, which is in the top most rack, due to concerns of heat and the like. I know that most manufactures ask us to give as much breathing room as possible and yet I have seen systems that have amplifiers sandwiched in between shelves, without what it seems much room to breathe. The top shelf is a premium space to things like top loading CD player or record players. Therefore, I ask people with experience to explain the effects of having an amp between rack, without much top room to breathe. I have read people with tube amps, such as the SF Power 2s, that the heat makes the sound sluggish. Obviously my amp is not a tube amp nor is an amp that is biased Class A, so I wonder.

Some links to systems that I am wondering about....

Thanks for any input on this topic.
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Well said. In addition to WAF and overheating the listening room reasons, I decided to suspend my Aleph 2 monos in well-perforated plastic milk crates on hanging racks bolted to my floor joists in the basement, under my speakers, thus providing upward convection cooling, a lower ambient temperature, and use of long XLRs and short speaker cables. My PoBoxSW allows remote powering via a toe-operated toggle on the carpet under my rack.
Electronic component life is correlated to the 5th power of temperature (or is it voltage?), if I recall. So keep it cool!