Can you play Doves Some Cities on emmLabs CDSD ?

I just purchased the new Doves -- Some Cities CD which is a copy protected (Copy Control) and I am having trouble playing it on my emmLabs CDSD due to repeat crackling sounds and poor sound. Have others noted this problem with this disc or with other Copy Control CD's recently on emmLabs gear ? Any solution ? I know certain discs in the past have had to be recalled due to problems with copy protection !!!
I had a similar problem with Norah Jones - Feels Like Home. That was before they replaced my transport mechanism because it was "ticking". It doesn't appear to be having this problem anymore.
I really don't understand the so called protection that Copy Control provides. I mean I can put the disc on my PowerBook and rip to MP3 and make countless CD's or share the MP3's. Yet, I can't play the damn disc on my emmLabs transport. Yet, it works fine and sounds better on a cheap Cambridge Audio Azur CDP.

I took my disc back to HMV and the clerk said perhaps I should downgrade my CD drive !!!!!!!! He gave me a second copy which I will try out tonight.
Don't have that particular CD(Doves), but I have not had anyissues with the other copy controlled CD's playing on the CDSD transport.
Well, I took the CD back and got my money back. Then, I bought a UK version on which doesn't have the damn CopyControl protection and it works fine !!

Meanwhile, what can audiophile consumers do to stop EMI from using Copy Control (other than boycotting EMI) ???
when will I f' learn.

I bought the Canadian version of the new Gorillaz EMI recording called Demon Days which has that dreaded Copy Control. Wouldn't you know, again I can't play it on the emmLabs, without those dreaded clicks and pops.

I don't understand, as I have a number of Copy Control discs that don't have this problem (mainly from UK). I guess the same thing will happen with Coldplay X&Y next month when it comes out.
Here in a previous post of mine, I go into detail about a new revolutionary form of copy protection.


You're on to something ... I was thinking the same thing ...

However, if I didn't spend all the money on the emmlabs stuff, plus the associated equipment, and the 3rd floor that houses the equipment, I may be able to buy a decent machine to playback those black, grooved discs. Besides, I was really hoping I could avoid going back to vinyl (despite many of its superior qualities !)

Other than going analog or just boycotting EMI artists, is there any other rationale way the audiophile world can get EMI to drop this dreadful Copy Control ?
Tom_y, my piracy post is for amusement of course, no one would not want to be able to play CD's. If I had an ultimate machine like the Emmlabs and could not spin my favorite music, I too would be mad.

The only solution I can think of is buying copies that do not contain the protection (if they are available) or perhaps burning a copy from the protected copy that will play in your Emm.

Purist Audio uses a system (computer?) that reads a CD multiple times, finding and removing the errors and then burns a "more perfect" copy of the original. When these burned CD's are played at CES, their quality is significantly superior that everyone wants to buy them. Of course Purist will not do this due to copyright laws. Maybe something along that line would get past the copy protection problem AND provided better sound.
My emmlabs plays copy controlled cds so am not sure its the emmlabs model or more particularly your machine. I will say the cdsd is a bit finicky and there are a few cds of mine it will not play either but neither have been copy controlled. I have not tried a dual disc yet.


To be honest, it's not all Copy Controlled discs, but two recent releases (canadian made) couldn't play without the pops, clicks, and crackling. On the other hand, I have some old CC discs that will play without a problem. EMI said the technology may have changed recently, and will likely change again when it becomes the norm in the US.
BTW Michael,

My Radiohead HTTT which is CC (Canadian disc) plays fine. thank god.