Using a PS AUDIO Xstream Statement SC Power Cord on my vintage Marantz SA-8001 CD player ( as well as my JOB INT) - and have been told that that cord is designed for use with power amps, not other equipment: true? can/could I damage my CD player if I continue to use this cord into it?
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... And as the cord continues to break-in (now over 300 hours and I'm shooting for continuous play 700-1000 hours) it does sound better and different, giving me more of a sound I enjoy.
Thanks for your quick response. Stay cool, and Enjoy Your Music...
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Nothing will happen to your cd player no matter what cord you use.If it sounds good to you keep it.Enjoy!!
... thanks man for your quick reply...
The amp rating for an extension cord /fuse/ or breaker is the Maximum amount of current it can draw without overheating the wires.     If you plug in anything that draws less you are fine.  

Electrical components just draw what they need........Unless they are malfunctioning or shorting (and thats what the fuses are for)
It sounds like all they really do then is conduct electricity.
Huh. Imagine that.
If the cord fits the socket, it is safe. A standard C-13/C-14 cord is rated at up to 15-amps when plugged into a 120 volt outlet -- matters not if it is hooked up to an amplifier, CD player or computer.
I no longer use my sa-8001  due to replacing it with a sa-14s1 which is much more up to date technology wise and more then twice the price but not that much of an improvement sonically. Which just tells me what a great player and great value that sa-8001 was. I'm eventually going to use it in a second system someday. 
... kevinkoc64: you are a truly astute audiophile; please contact me if you ever decide to part with your SA-8001... MY  SUGGESTION TO YOU: ALTHOUGH IT IS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO GET , but if you can find a JOB INC - hook the CD up, happily toggle between the DAC in the Marantz and (with an optical cable, using the Marantz as a transport) the DAC in the JOB. YOU WILL/MAY NEVER NEED ANYTHING MORE...
... sorry kevinkoc64 - above comment to you should read JOB INT not INC