Can you live with your current speaker until you die?



Yes I can!

In my 40 years of history I had gone through around 15 speakers including

ADS, Altec Lansing, Thiel, Canton, Apogee Duetta Signature(10years), BMW 801, Avalon Ascent, Wilson Audio Watt and Puppy6.

I settled at Pacific Northwest area located just midway between Seattle and Vancouver BC around 6 years ago.

It has a nice western view of Bay and Pacific Ocean with 2 acres lot.

I could play music loud during midnight with no problem to my neighbors as long as I close the windows.

With vaulted big space, my Lansche 4.1 speakers makes a beautiful voice out of classical, Jazz or even new age music.

I had been living with the speaker since 2007.

I do not claim that Lansche 4.1 is the best speaker in the world.

But with clean and pristine treble out of plasma tweeters and pretty good bass out of 2 10 inch driven by internal active amplifier and high efficiency (99db spec, but I believe it to be around 93db), it is hard to find better speaker with overall merit for my house.

The only catch is that it can stop working since it is an active speaker( plasma tweeter and active bass unit).

But I keep having good communication with Henry Dien of Lansche Audio who upgraded plasma tweeters twice at reasonable cost.

I can happily live with Lansche 4.1 speakers at my present house for my life unless serious health issues happen to either me or my speakers.

How about you gentlemen and ladies?

Had any one of you found the speaker for your life?


Thiel was my first serious floor model speaker.

I had driven Thiel by Perreaux pre and power amplifier with good results from 1985 to 1988.

I enjoyed its clarity and dynamics.

But when I moved from California to Chicago on 1988, I decided to sell it because of shipping cost.
First audiophile speaker purchased was Magneplanar MGIIB. 1980
Several others in between including Acoustat 2+2, Martin Logan Sequel II, and Odyssey.
Last speaker is Wilson Maxx 3. 2016 I’m very happy with my system now. It was speakers and room treatments that did it!

I had listened to Maxx2 at CES Audio show in Las Vegas about 6 years ago.

It was very impressive.

I think you can keep Maxx 3 for your life.

Good luck to you.
I'm 65 years old and have enjoyed a pair of Focal Sopra No2's since they first came out and every time I hear another speaker that I like, they sound "different" than my Sopra's, but not "better", not getting the "hots" to trade.

I haven't heard the new Focal Utopia's yet, if I did, I might consider trading up to a Scala (the largest one I could accommodate).  But I'm really happy with my setup, no need to go thru all the heartache of changing components now!