Can you identify this Jazz artist/album/song?

I really want the recording that is in this youtube video but I don't know what it is. Translating Japanese to English with online translators I only come up with "Temple Island Record" which isn't much help.

Can anyone here identify it?
The song is I remember Clifford. It was written by Benny Golson in memory of Clifford Brown. It has become a standard.
Unfortunately I cannot identify this particular recording.
Sounds a bit like Coleman Hawkins.
There are so many excellent recordings of this tune including
Pat Martino's 1970's album exit, Art Blakey, Lee Morgan...on and on...
Hope this response was helpful to you.
It sounds a bit like Coleman Hawkins, but I don't think that's him; the phrasing's not "the Hawk", and I can't think of any other musician so close; it's like someone imitating "Coleman Hawkins".

I don't have a clue.
Thanks for the input, I really hope I can figure out who it is.. but if not I at least know the song and have discovered Coleman Hawkins so thank you.

Doing some searching on the title I found this performance by Stan Getz that sounds similar but different.
Don't recognize the artists. Here's a list of recordings of "I Remember Clifford" and most of them have audio links.