Can you identify these components?

Trying to figure out what's in my father's stereo system. I don't feel like asking him again what this sutff is and he gets irritated anyway. Figured out these so far:

1. The preamp is a Conrad Johnson PV 10A.
2. Top cd player is a Sony Playstation SCPH-1001.
3. The speakers are New Large Advent Loudspeakers
4. The power amp is a Vincent SP-331MK.

What are the CD player, tuner, and audio rack? Extra credit for making a guess on the cables.
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Tuner looks like a Magnum Dynalab FT-101A, audio rack most likely Target. Don't know for the CD player
100% correct on the tuner. Probably correct on the audio rack too, but it is hard to locate one exactly like it. Maybe it is out of date or sold under another name such as SolidSteel which appears to be on the front. I spent a couple of hours surfing for the CD player with no luck so far. Thanks for the help.
if the rack says SolidSteel that is the brand ... they originally made motorcycle frames I beleive ... SolidSteel racks are more expensive than most of the Target racks

any closer pics of the CD player??? very hard to tell

the tuner could be an FT-101 (not a version) which would make it slightly less valuable on the used market .. then again if it were an FT101a Etude it would be MORE valuable!
I only have the one picture of the front of the stereo unfortunately. The CD deck is a very scarce item on the interwebs. I guess I could ask him and not run much risk of annoyance since I know what most of it is now. I found the rack in a slightly different configuration on an Italian site called a "Targhet" which I guess means Target. As far as the CD player, I know he buys things The Absolute Sound and Stereophile rave about as long as it is a good bang-for-the-buck sort of an item. His philosophy is to buy the cheapest component those sources rave about while studying the issue literally a decade. He researches the crap out of any component he buys, which makes it kind of odd that he hates talking about it but he is an odd guy. I am building my own system using his as a model. I am not sure what he hears in the speakers, but then again I have never had a set and TAS really loves them.

Here's one more picture but it probably won't help.
The amplifier might be a Belles model. Can't really see the front too well though.
Never mind. I re-read your post and see that you already had the power amp identified. I guess I was thrown by the second picture. :)
Thanks you guys for helping. I can ask the owner (my father) what the CD player is next time I get a chance.
I wonder if the power amp is a Forte (down-market brand from Threshold)??
Pretty sure the power amp it is a Vincent SP-331MK or variant.