can you ID this music for me?

I know the song but can't recall the title or artist. Shazam won't help and it's slowly driving me nuts. Any help would be appreciated.

The song starts at +/- the 1:30 mark.


The video you linked to claims it is Black Dove. I did find a Tori Amos song by that name...


The player, Lance Keltner, does sales demos for a guitar store called Destroy All Guitars. This video is a sales piece for a guitar made by Rick Toone. The guitar, not the song, is called the Black Dove. But thanx for the effort.

I think it's one of these songs on this album?

Sorry, my ears aren't quite up this morning but a couple of these songs sound like it. I think it's "Baby Making Music".

The tune was so familiar that I assumed it was a more well known piece. But I do have all of Lance's stuff ripped to my various drives and listen to them periodically, so maybe that's why it resonated with me. I'll listen thru and confirm. Thanks again for the help.


Maybe Lance has a demo compilation CD, the tone of this Springer Halfbreed is killer, starts @1.24

You don't want to go there!

If you work your way thru Lance's demos, the resultant gear lust will eat up whatever few remaining $ you have after the high end audio lust has worked its evil spell. I agree that the Springer sounds unusually great, but I'm jonesing to add some p-90's to my herd. Destroy All Guitars (the guitar dealer with all of Lance's videos on their web site) has p-90 equipped demos from both Kauer and Nik Huber that are taunting me daily. I do want to stay married, however, so they remain tantalizingly beyond my reach.


I catch your drift, but the tone coming off that Springer is almost as good or better than ... well you know.

Still want a demo CD, I'll email Lance, maybe he can help.
Try Cliff at DAG. He produced most of Lance's videos and probably owns the content (I'd think). If he thought he could sell a few copies, Cliff might be inclined to give your idea a go. I still thinks you're playing with fire, tho.
Thanks Marty,

You made a good find here, after going through more of Lance's videos, most anyone could end up in the $hit house trying and buying those customs at Austin or DAG.