Can you help me identify this power cable?

I need to replace the power cable that connects my Perpetual P3A DAC to its power supply. The connectors are female on both ends, small and cylindrical. Here's a picture:

The cable carries a 9 volt AC current to the DAC.

Does anyone know what these are called?

You have to measure inner and outer diameter to get a correct fit.I hope this is what you mean.LINK>>[]
As fare as the name of the cable itself I don't know.It was most likely made by or for Perpetual.It may be the only kind exactly like it made for this purpose only. A replacement power cable for a Perpetual Technologies P3A DAC may be the only name to use.Somebody else may have more info,but I'm guessing it was for this product,or products made by P.T. Make sure while you look for one,that they understand where it is used.In other words,make sure they don't assume you want the 120 volt power cord.I wish I could help out more.
One of the cables listed here may be suitable:

Highlight "plug to plug" in the "Style" column, then click "apply filters" at the lower left. You will get four results. If the plug size of one of those four cables corresponds to the plug size of the one you want to replace, you're in luck.

These cables, as you'll see, have a screw-on outer barrel, but it is set back from the end of the plug sufficiently so that it shouldn't matter if the mating jack does not have something for the barrel to screw on to.

Hope that helps,

-- Al
Also, at the same link, select "plug to wire leads" in the style column, and you'll get a much larger selection. If one of those has the correct plug size, you could purchase two of them and solder them back-to-back (i.e., connecting the bare wires at one end of one cable to the bare wires at one end of the other cable).

-- Al
You could also contact av123,they would probably know.
Hard to tell from the picture but it looks like a short coaxial barrel connector . If there's a Radio Shack nearby you could take the cable and DAC into the store to look for a match. My local store has a bundle of the barrel connectors of all sizes that can be used to test for fit.

You have to be sure that the center opening is snug on the pin on the DAC but as long as the fit is good you could wire two together and you're in business.
Thanks all for your help. I think I will head in to radio shack with the power supply and find the correct coax fitting.