Can you help me identify these 4 wire cables?

Having trouble figuring out what cable this is, and where to find something that would mate with it. It seems like a quick connector that would be pretty convenient to use if you switch speakers often.
I think this is a bi-wire end from Crystal Cable Company Piccolo series.
You have a choice when when you buy the cable to have a bi-wire or regular end.

Thanks Joel!  I think you are correct, it is definitely a Crystal Cable after doing some research based on the info you gave me.  I am trying to figure out exactly which one it is.  When I got them they had some WBT 0645 connectors on them, and they were powering some Cameleon Queen Floating LoudSpeakers.  I'm interested in selling them, but not really sure of the value used (Crystal Cable is VERY expensive) and it appears anyone selling any is automatically in question of counterfeit unless they can openly provide serial numbers and an invoice from an approved distributor, which I have no way of doing at this point.  The guy I got these from spared no expense on the Cameleon speakers, or on the WBT connectors, so I feel confident that he also ponied up the cash for the Crystal Cable.  Anyhow, Thanks again, Evan