Can you help identify

A friend is trying to remember the brand name of a solid state preamp that he bought in an upscale hifi store in Berkeley CA in the late-60's (did solid state units exist then?).He says it resembled a Marantz model from the same era but was from a small boutique company. None of the names I could come up with (Mac, Scott, Fisher) were it. Any ideas?
How about "CROWN"?
One would never mistake a Crown for a Marantz.

In addition to Hadley (my first vote), there's also CM Labs.
Thanks. I'll let you know what he says.
Given that this purchase was made in Berkeley in the late '60s, it's amazing that your friend even remembers buying the item, let alone the name of it!
Not sure about the appearance, but wasn't Luxman around then?
Hadley is the ticket. Mille grazie Kr4.

Jsaah, yes indeed. His memories are a little "hazy".