Can you hear matched power cables?

I recently read some Shunyata marketing material on the Venom 3s which posited that an audio system should have a matched set of power cables (V3s, of course). I have a couple of (really heavy) Virtual Dynamics cables, a Pangea 9, and a couple of cables delivered with the components. I'd like to upgrade those remaining generic cables, and wonder what the difference is between a mixed set and matched set of cables. I can't really hear any difference when I switch my current fat cables around.

The question becomes, is it worth replacing the Virtual Dynamics and generic cables with Pangeas, or replacing all cables with V3s, or just get a couple of either the Pangeas or V3s to replace the generic cables?

I'd be interested in hearing your experiences with this. Of course, my ears will tell the story, and some companies will let a buyer return a cable, so tell me what you discovered.
Make sure you ID them blind-folded if you don't mind if somebody from your family or friends would reconnect them for you.
Try also the stock ones during that test.
Different equipment may be better with different cords.
I do not bother with that, as i have all pangea cords. But that is just me. Pangea were cheap and good. that is enough for me.
Several other inexpensive cords are supposed to be good too.
The Venome 3 being praised in TAS recently.
That's a good question. The problem I have found is that not every cable works well in all systems. Matched or not.
I have two MAC HC Soundpipes on my CDP and amp. I didn't mean to match them, I just tried the MAC and liked what it did on my CDP so I bought one for my amp.
I have found that if I buy one PC that does well with my source component, it will do well with my amp also.
Mix matching works well also if your tuning with the PC's.
Find a PC that works well on your source and chances are it will work well throughout the rest of your system.
Again, it's not to say that you have to use matching PC's, it's the synergy of one that works on the front end should work with the rest.
Hope this helps.
It sounds more like a way to lift a few Benjamins from your wallet. I also note that different power cords are targeted twoards certain gear and work well regardless of matching.
Order a matched set of the Pangea cables. They are inexpensive, effective and returnable. Once you have them, set up a blind cable swap test. Then post your results.
If you aren't happy with the Pangea cords, return them and get the V's or something else.
The longer I've been at this the more embarrassed I become at the marketing and claims.

I'm a Shunyata owner.
I would say that you need to match a power cord and particular component. As for the total system match...well maybe too but it will take a lot of time and effort.
Just put Purist Audio Limited on transport, dac , phono and preamp; and Dominus ferox on power amps and be happy forever. A bit expensive though.
This Pangea hype is getting on my nerves; I got to try it, I guess.
Iv'e had the best results using all Shunyada Anaconda's and Pythons , keeping power cords the same length helps . To get the most out of there cords you need to use Shuyada's power conditioners too . As far as upgrading , if you have good cords now , the bang for the buck factor will be low and likely not worth it , unless you have a very resolving system .
Replacing all my PCs with ZU Mothers a few years ago presented a cohesive improvement in my system that I have not even thought about changing. (Though I have changed a few of the items they are attached to. If I could just figure out how to stop that.)
For Inna: the Pangea are really for the person who wants something besides a stock cord. They are very, very good for the price. But i would not say they are for folks who have expensive cords and wonder what all the hype is over Pangea. Some of those people might like Pangea, but the real target is the cheapskate buyer (like ME) who wants a really good sounding powercord dirt cheap.
So for all you tightwads out there: go buy a Pangea while they are still on sale!! The retail price has been inching up gradually, so the sooner you get one, the cheaper it will be.
And be grateful to Pangea even if you hate them for becoming famous overnight, because of Pangea's low prices, many other manufacturers have introduced low priced cords!
I have piles of Pangea so I am set for life...
Elizabeth, try Custom Power Cord original Top Gun on preamp and phono. They show up here for sale from time to time. Though quite expensive when new, you can get them for $120-$150 for 5ft now. Then maybe you will want to get rid of your piles of Pangeas.

This is pretty typical of information intended to help in terms of "evaluating power cords", that gets confused in translation when recounted.

When evaluating power cords of any type, if you bring brand x home and have 2 brand z, 1 brand y and 1 brand a, then the performance of the new sample cord is heavily influenced by the rest of the power cord system...

Some cords are designed with massive gauge and have heavy inductive signatures, some use ribbons or have a capacitive signature, some are silver, some use copper. Power Systems of any make-up are interactive by nature. To get a real idea of any power cords contribution, its best to evaluate as a complete set_ when possible_--especially when replacing stock. Obviously, this cannot happen often, but it does represent an "ideal" for of an evaluation.

A great deal of the divergence of opinions on the internet with regards to different power cord models comes from testing them in mixed power system contexts. If someone tests a Cardas cord in a system that has three Nordost cords, one Pangea and a Synergistic, they will likely gain a different result than someone who tests the same cord in the exact same electronics context but with a different mixture of other cords.

If there is an actual point to the design of one companies cords, say "lowered resistance" for example, then getting one of those cords and mixing it with high-resistance cords will give a unique result, could be good, could be bad, could be a null result. Applying any cord of a particular design as a system will yield generally very consistent results that are _easy_ to discern and describe.

That was the point of what I wrote, not that you had to run out and buy extra Venom 3's.

It's explained clearly here without any mention of brands:

I hope this helps clear up any misunderstanding.


Shunyata Research
I learned a lot from that link, thanks.
I disagree that evaluation of a system is best done with the same power cords. I have made sets of power cords using acrolink cable but with Furutech F1 ends, and Oyeida ends. I have an all Ayre sytem except for the speakers which are Vandersteen 5A's. It seems that the amp likes the Furutech ends while the other components like the Oyeida ends. If I switch, there is a definite polish off the edge. I say that you must try each power cord in the component with which it is to be used.
hi cm jones:

your question is a vriant of:

should a stereo system feature one brand of cable or is mix and match a viable alternative ?

this subject has appeared on other threads.

i think the simple answer is your ears.

own any cable that produces a sound you like , regardless of brand.