can you get 2 digital output on pc at the same tim

hey, guys.

Sort of techy question, hope someone out there can help me out.

I am using a pc as my media centre for both music and movies. Currently it's using SB xtreme music to feed everything via spdif to the receiver, and the receiver decodes everything, 5.1 or sterero music

I am thinking of getting a USB DAC specific for my music collection. I heard good things about that, my music are mostly ripped from my cd collection using looseless, speakers are a full set of I'm labs.

Here's the question, if I use an USB DAC to feed music to another sterero amp, can I still configthe DVD 5.1data through the an sound card to feed the receiver? I'd really like to have both running, will that be possible?

Thanks and merry Christmas
I'm guessing that if you use both sources at once, it will sound like garbage? They won't both output identical signals at the identical times. It will lead to cancellations and other issues. Find a DAC with dual outputs and you will be much better off.
Thanks, Elevick.

I am not going to use both bources at the same time, but one by one. So, can I choose which output to use based on it's music or movie (manual configuration in each player is fine)?

Also, it's interesting to learn that there are DAC with dual outputs there, any recommendations?

How does that work? It will output 2-channels for music, and pass through the digital signal to the AV receiver?
Many will have a toslink and a coax digital output. Use the coax for stereo and toslink theater?
I am using the Coax for theater, and thiking of using the USB(SPDIF) as the music output, can I do that?
Will the USB work? Where can you run it into your amp? If the connections are there, try it? Make sure that you have outputs to inputs and vice versa.
That's why I need to get an external DAC, in additional to the SB X-Fi Music audio card I have.

So, I am thinking of routing the music player output (e.g. Foobar) to the USB-SPDIF, it goes from the player-> USB-> external DAC-> Amp. And then config the movies' audio to coax-SPDIF -> Receiver-> which decode the digital 5.1 single.

Will you think it will work?

Thanks, Elevick
It should work. All signals should be going all of the time. You may have issues getting everything into the right formats. This doesn't sound terribly user friendly but won't hurt anything?
Would it be easier to add a second sound card or even an external sound card with just R&L audio outs or one with 5.1 audio outs?
if I use an USB DAC, doesn't it connect directly to the PC without any interface of audio card?

I am thinking of using a DAC to get around the audio card, which I believe will decrease the signal quality.