Can you convert balanced inputs to RCA inputs help

I have a pair of Aragon Palladium monoblocks and they are
much to my surprise Balanced Inputs.. I need to have them converted to RCA inputs... Where can I have such a thing done and is there an easier way, ie . rca to balanced input convertor or connector... am I compromising anything with that type of connector if it exists.. Balanced is not an option with my Reference 20 Processor...
Please Help
Joe DiMonte
Balanced Audio Technology (BAT) and Purist Audio Design (PAD) both make balanced-to-RCA connectors, check out their websites perhaps hunt down a local dealer and you should be all set. Expect to pay $100 or so for a pair
2nd the above, however, you can usually find the bat adaptors for sale on audiogon from time to time...
If you want to make an input adaptor, connect the center conductor of the unbalanced shielded cable to pin 2 of the balanced XLR connector. Connect the shield of the unbalanced shielded cable to pin 1 of the balanced XLR connector. Connect a jumper from pin 3 to pin 1 of the XLR connector.

The above assumes the US standard.

There are two penalties for using the adaptor. First you lose 6db of gain. This won't be an issue if your preamp is active and provides reasonable output levels.

The second penalty is that you lose the theoretical noise rejection provided by a true balanced connection.
I would suggest getting a pre/pro with balanced output rather than using an adapter. The Aragon amp has fairly low input sensitivity so you'll need a pre/pro with high output for the amp to reach its maximum power. I think with RCA outputs, you'll only get 50% of the output power of the amp.
At one time, I was interested in the amp also but didn't buy it for this reason. I had confirmed it with a tech at Aragon.
Joe, an XLR to RCA adaptor is available from Milestek for $9.90.

It's a high quality Neutrik item.
Get the balanced buddy from Rane. Its a passive transformer, so you still have the benefits of the balanced line.
Problem solved...
I lucked out and ended up with a great pair of Transparent custom rca to xlr 1.5 m cables they are the Ultras I believe... 300.00 done deal.. Only problem is that I need to turn the gain up a little more than usual.. I suppose that is due to the 6db loss from this format..
Still love it.. Bought 2 Transparent Powerlink Super 2 meter cables for the monoblocks... Had to.
Thanks for all the help audiogon pals...
Happy Listening..