Can you COMBINE Magnepan speakers

Has any one tried to combine a pair of Magnepan 111a's with the mid/bass panels form a pair of Magnepan tympani i'd. or ic's

using the external crossover boxes that come with the magnepan 111a's.

i own both set of speakers and though i would try and create my own set of tympani iva's.
never been able to find the real thing.
Check out the Magnepan Users Group on Audio Asylum, they have a pretty large thread about someone using mulitple different parts to creat a "frankenpan".
I know someone who uses 2 large pairs [3.6s I think] in the manner Alistair Aikman-Robertson [sp?] at Quad used the 63s. That is at a 90 degree angle fasten together at the base. He likes it.
that sounds cool, I think you could do it easily with an active crossover network. Now getting the settings on the crossover could be tough.