Can you change a 220 volt amp to 110volt?

Are there problematics? Expensive? Where to go to get it done? Thanks in advance, warren :)
this question has been asked again and again on these pages and with a bit of searching you would find all the necessary information.
The simple answer to your question is: Yes it can mostly, but there are exceptions. Often all it takes is throwing an inner switch or changing and resoldering a few wires on the transformer. Bring your amp to a qualified technician. He'll tell you if it is possible and do it for you. Remind him to exchange the fuses after he has done the job. Sometimes they forget......
I would have to purchase the amp first to get an answer from the tech, as you said, if it could be done. Not what I'd want to risk. I did what you said about the archives? not a thing. Maybe I'm entering the wrong info? 220 volt to 110 volt conversion doesn't bring up a thing.
Hi Warren,
Here's one: Hope this helps you on a bit.
thanks Detlof. This is all Greek to me.
Warren, please drop me a mail, if you need further thought in this matter.