Can you bridge a carver 705x 5-channel amp ?

Anyone know how to do this ? Amp is rated at 125 watts/channel, would like to get 250 for 2/channels,
Possible or am i dreaming again ?
carver gear has it's own forum & would probably be the best place to post your question,here is a link to the forum.

hopefully somebody there has an answer for you.

IF you have the amp or can look at it, you should be able to tell on the back panel. There is often a switch and or pictoral instructions for bridging the amp if it's possible.

BTW, if the amp is bridgable, it would probably put out more than 250 wpc. When bridged, the wpc rating is normally twice the 4 ohm output power.
be careful, you might not be able to run 4ohm speakers in bridge mode.
Agreed. Running 4 Ohm speakers in bridged mode is like running 2 Ohm speakers in non-bridged mode. Many amps don't respond well to 2 Ohm loads.

The point was that when running bridged the power output is more than double the 8 Ohm wpc rating. When bridged, the amp sees 1/2 of the speaker load on each of the bridged channels. So the bridged power output when running an 8 ohm speaker is the sum of the two bridged channel's 4 ohm wpc output.