Can you be an audiophile if ...

Okay, I'm evaluating my system. Finally, I have my speakers elevated so that their realm of projection and soundstage meshes seamlessly in the family room. You see, I don't have a dedicated listening room. In fact, my system shares space in the family room with the furniture. My question is then, can one be satisfied as an audiophile if you have a piece of furniture that you sit on, placed between your speakers? I have just such an arrangement. It's not like that's where I sit to listen to the music when I'm really sitting down to listen to the music, but it's there nonetheless. And yet, it sounds pretty damned good, I think.
It's ok... really!
Some so called "audiophiles" think differently, but they are snobs.
If you like music, and care about the stuff it is played on.. you ARE an Audiophile. No matter what else.
Your gear tends to be that of a hi-ender audiophile....Elizabeth is correct.
If you would've rented a separate room for your rig You'd be the real one...
Perhaps you've disvovered a hidden secret of tweakdom. I've got a great product identity for you; "The Clever Li'l Couch" I'd suggest working on a marketing strategy before someone else beats you to the punch and the market is glutted.

Otherwise I wouldn't hold it against you. Just don't let the Audiophile Oversight Comittee hear about it and you'll be fine.

There is one rule for your stereo:

that you enjoy it!

There are two ways to look at it, an absolute basis or a you enjoy it and live your life and still want to know more so you chat on Agon basis.
After checking your system page, if your goal is to be an audiophile, I think you've made it.
So you want to be an audiophile eh? Here's a secret. The last real one died in 1947 (no one even knew his name). People on this forum know this but work hard to keep the myth alive. Shhhh. don't tell anybody else.
If you stereo costs more than your car, I think you are an audiophile. I live in a neighborhood with medium sized homes and my kids love it there. I can move and have a music room, but my kids would be miserable. Now I really love music, and do the best I can with my room that is definately not perfect, but my kids come first. So I may not be an audiophile either. I would just make due and enjoy the music and to hell with the audiophile label. PS -Looks like your system is great to me.
I like my Wilson's Dealer definition of an "Audiophile" as someone who has more money invested in their music (CD's and albums) then their system!
Sounds like the couch may be a secret tweek. I'd have to move it out of the room to find out though. Then again, the other definitions may apply as well. More money spent on software, or hardware? It may be a toss up. One of the problems is finding time to listen to all the software I've bought, so I think I'm ahead of the game as far as variety goes. Does my stereo cost more than the car? Well, some components were bought used, as were the cars/motorcycles/and one bicycle. One New bicycle costs more than my Turntable? Hmm, that's all a close call too...
Living with furniture is important. I could afford a larger house with a dedicated listening room, if I didn't spend so much on audio. Maybe that alone makes me an audiophile?