Can Yamaha AS-1000 effectively drive 6 ohm speakers

I own a Yamaha AS1100 integrated and would like to know if the specs look strong enough to drive 6 ohm speakers (Totem Hawks).

Yamaha AS1100 Specs:
At 8 Ohms: 180 W RMS (90 W per channel, 20 Hz to 20 kHz, 0.07% THD)
At 4 Ohms: 300 W RMS (150 W per channel, 20 Hz to 20 kHz, 0.07% THD)

I really don't understand specs and could use some assistance.
Your amp is rated down to 4ohms,6ohms is no problem. I’m sure someone with technical prowess can break it down and explain the why’s.  But you are good to go.
Thanks that's what I figured but needed to be sure. 
The Yamahas are stable into 2 ohm loads.
Yea your good...

I've never  listened to Yamahas. Look like they have some pretty good specs AND A/B stable at 2 ohm, pretty impressive. LOW distortion, biwire on board, dampening is realistic.  How do they sound?

They got the beef, or are we talkin' tofu? :-) 

I was looking at the way they divide the signal High/Low or combine signal. I'm no amp expert but I had never seen that. It, had a switch in the circuit. Maybe it was a HP/LP full range switch..duno. But it didn't look like it, looked more, like two separate circuits.. I didn't see the whole schemo.

Maybe some of the repairman here cold chime in, that are Yamaha savvy.