Can y’all help me finish this Schiit

I went crazy today and bought a bunch of stuff to build out a bedroom system based around a completely restored ACCUPHASE P-250 power amp. The restoration was super hard because Accuphase doesn’t let their service manuals get out so it took a lot of digging and chasing gremlins, but it’s done and it’s awesome. It has a really cool look, complete with big meters and new led bulbs. The Accuphase is very accurate sounding.. tons of bass... super quiet, yet powerful and sometimes bright.

I wanted to tame it a little and give it a little warmth so I purchased a SCHIIT FREYA + !!! It’s my first tube component ever.  It’s a pretty badass looking preamp and it’s packed with cool features, but it’s strictly a preamp, so no dac no phono.

For my speakers I bought a pair of ASCEND ACOUSTICS SIERRA 2-EX! I have never heard these but boy do they look impressive on paper.. and the reviews are all great.

I also scored a radio craftsmen tube tuner off eBay for $15! 

Here is my question: 
 I still need a way to get digital sound from my tv (hdmi or tosslink) as well as access my roon server.  Remember the schiit doesn’t have any digital inputs. 
What’s the best way to do this under $600 ? 

I’m thinking the easiest was is Bluesound Node 2i. 
It’s roon ready so I can just point to it from my roon tablet or my phone and send music to it. It’s got optical in so I can listen to my TV through my system in bed. And it’s $499 new. 

Should i I get it and be done? Or should i get some other streamer/dac or network dac. 

All thoughts and comments welcome! 
i'd get the current one its better and I believe has wifi but check with blue sound. I'm probably going to buy one as well in a week or so as the next up the chain is $2k up so at $500ish the node is a deal IMO 

so is it better to get an early version of the node because it’s cheaper and you not going to use the dac? 
The Node will give you many great things like streaming ability, network access, NAS access etc. the week point in it is the DAC so I'd plan to upgrade that down the road. 

Schiit DAC's are quite nice if I do say and there is some nice multi bit ones in various price ranges. So if it was me i'd get the Blue sound node2 or vault2 ( vault if you want the internal storage) and later add a DAC.