Can Wilson Audio Sophia live in a 150 sqf room

To be push by Mark Levinson 26s+23.5 but in a 9x16.5 feet room. Is that OK with no bloom or bass overload??
Best bet is to contact the company. Also you may want to speak to your local dealer (second). Ideally you would want to get a home demo before purchasing them.
I think it is too much speaker for the room. It'll work but you want get all the performance that is available from the Sophia.
I wouldn't put Sophias in my listening room with those specs. Way too much speaker. Like breathing through a cocktail straw to catch your breath. Great speakers that won't be able to come alive. You want to spend $12k and be behind the 8 ball from the getgo? That's a crying shame...
I don't know about the Sophias, but I had Watt-Puppy 6s in a very nearfield setup, and they worked well, with a very contained & controlled bass and midrange. They reminded me of a big pair of headphones. I did not like the sometimes abrasive highs, but I always hear this on Watt-Puppies in any size room.
So if I heard that statement which I think is aldo true of Wilson from hearing them in NYC, I wonder how they get away with that and charge so much. yeah yeah I know the cabinet.......any other speaker if nearly everyone said had abrasive highs would not get the same respect. So does blind respect come from simply paying premium price?????
Sophia's and Watt Puppies in a small listening space? I just can't see how this can be anything but unfullfilling given the size of these babies and the room that is realistically required to let them (and any other big jammies like them) open up. If you don't have the square feet the big boys won't beable to compete....
Rgs92: The Sophia and the WP7's don't have the hot Tweeter of that the 5 and 6 series had so they aren't bright but do require cafeful system synergy (the WP7's do but the Sophia sound great with a wider range of equipment). If the tweeter is still to hot for you because of equipment choices, contact Wilson for a different resister that doesn't adjust output or phase but will take the edge off or warm it up depending on what you need.

I've had my WP7's in a 10x10 room in a nearfield format as the wilson manual states 1.2 x the distance between the speakers. The nice thing about Wilson is using their voicing technique you can actually get the speakers pretty close to the back wall if you want and thus free up a lot of your room

I would recommend putting your equipment on the long wall, of if you had to use the 9' wall then make sure you treat the first order reflection points since the wall will be so close.

Sophia will not overwhelm the room, if you listen loud and low get some realtraps -minitrap or mondo traps to treat the corners and suddenly you will have fast tuneful bass that doesn't boom. at a min. treat the corners with cornertunes or something similar.

I run my WP7's in a 12x16 room now and love every minute and I even have a Wilson Watch dog in the room... I did use a Tact to position the speakers and listening position to make sure I was not sitting in a peak or a bass null. if you don't have vaulted ceilings (which I do) you can use the free software on to have it calculate where your Sophia's should be placed.

Congrats on your choice! Now pick a cool color for the speaker and the grills for you Sophia's!
To expand a bit on my remarks above, as a former WP6 owner, I always felt that the the Watt Puppies were on the verge of greatness, with, to my ears, perfect bass, bass that is "just there", never coming from the drivers or even the Puppy cabinet itself. The bass seems to attach itself to the musical instrument producing it.
It is kind of the polar opposite of the bad-subwoofer effect.
Also, the soundstaging is amazing, with each component having not only it's own point in a 3D space, but it's own size.
Thus, I wondered why Dave Wilson always used that ruthless tweeter (I think it was the tweeter) that could generate horribly buzzy vocals and some piano notes that had electric overtones.

I always wished that Dave could get together with, say, Albert Von Schweikert, who has the upper frequencies perfected some of his models (like the VR-9, with it's superb tweeter + ribbon supertweeter design), & try to reimplement the highs in the W/P.

I'm no audio engineer, so I guess I'm speaking from ignorance, but I would love to hear an experimental version of the Watt with some sort of ribbon, soft dome, or maybe even a Beryllium one. Maybe a W/P 8 will have this.

This concept of the resistor change is new to me. Thanks for the comments.
I simply can't imagine why you'd want to tether WPs in this way. 9x16 might be a nice size for sleeping or reading, but I can't imagine that it's even remotely adequate for the audio system you describe. As for near-field listening, I personally find it too limiting, regardless of the "rewards." I guess I always think back to the clubs and eateries with live music ... lots of ambience and total listening pleasure without HAVING to sit in just the right spot. Of course, musical tastes/needs vary ... thank goodness, right? Good luck.
my thoughts: exactly