Can we use TUBE PREAMP with SS AMP ?

I need input from Audiogoners if its possible to use TUBE PREAMP,(LS-25ARC with KRELL KAV-1500,(SHALL be using for 2ch use only) if so how will it sound, Has anyone tried it , Input will be highly appreciated.thanks.
I've always used tubed preamps with SS amps, done right it's hard to beat. The warmth of tubes with the slam of SS. Cable selection is important, Transparent and Goertz have worked well for me. No idea how an ARC and Krell would marry up..ARC preamps aren't quite as warm as some others (my BATVK30 is much smoother and liquid than my ARC SP9 and SP14's were). In any event you can always roll tubes to get the preamp to your tastes. I've read that many feel Krell amps are somewhat sterile/bright/analytical, you may want to consider a Classe, Bryston, or BAT SS amplifier. Jeff
I use AR's LS-16 with Krell FPB-350M (previously with FPB-300)...Great match!

Tube pre gives a nice warmth and you still get the Krell (SS) Slam!
I have Classe amp and looking for Tube pre-amp, considering BAT VK-30, Sonic Frontier L2, Audio Research LS16, which one is best match with classe amp? Jeffloistarca have you use bat vk30 with classe amp, and how does it sound? Any info will be appreciate.
I also use a tube pre-amp with a SS amp and agree with above posts-- excellent combinations can be found.

Re: Goone's question: I think a SF Line 2 would VERY likely be an excellent pre-amp for the Classe' amps. The Line 2 is quite neutral (not warm or euphonic), and it should go well with the somewhat warm? sounding Classe' amps. (I've used a Line 2 for near 4 years). Cheers. Craig
Check the Krell manual or with Krell. I had a FBP200C and remember that there is something inside the amp that must be switched before you can use a tube preamp. It has been awhile since I owned the amp, but I would check first.
Currently using ARC LS25 with BRYSTON 4BST balanced, very nice combo, smooth mids, tight bass, plenty of slam.
I am using a Krell FPB 200 with a AE-3 tube line level pre-amp. There is a section in the Krell User’s Manual which will explain the use of Tube Equipment with their amps. An internal jumper/switch needs to be changed in the amp before use with tube equipment. I called Krell told them what I wanted to do and they faxed me the instructions. The instructions are easy to follow and it only took 5 minutes. I have not had any problems and am very happy with the combination of tubes and SS equipment.

I used a VK30 with a Classe DR8 amplifier and was very happy with the match. I decided another DR8 was in order and biamped, shortly after I had a party and being somewhat impaired I was too liberal with the gain on the preamp. Not sure if anyone knows this, but it costs $400 to replace the inductor, capacitors, and resistors in Martin Logan Quest Z crossovers. To be 16 and trapped in a 40 year old's body...

Anyway..about the sound. Please bear in mind my front end components are likely different than yours, my speakers are planars (Martin Logan Quest Z's), my listening room has it's own characteristics, and my taste in music may be quite different as well. Feel like a lawyer with all those disclaimers. The Classe amps have always provided plenty of current and do a great job driving marginal loads but can be a little bright/analytical when paired with the wrong preamp. I used a ARC SP9 then SP14 with the Classe and enjoyed the experience, but it was still not quite right. The PRAT was off-kilter. The BATVK30 was a God-send; smooth, liquid, toe-tapping musical. The Classe amp still provided the slam and speed I love, but the mids and highs were very nicely smoothed out by the VK30. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RUN SINGLE-ENDED INTERCONNECT BETWEEN A TUBE PREAMP AND A SOLID STATE AMPLIFIER! I run Goertz balance interconnect, the only way to go is balanced. The BAT-Classe synergy was obvious but really came into it's own when I added Transparent speaker cable between the amp and speakers. I would not hesitate to pick up a VK30, helluva deal and a great match with SS. Jeff
Jelloistarca, I'm puzzled by your warning to only use a balanced interconnect between a tube preamp and SS amp. Could you expand on this a bit? What would you do if the pre and amp don't support balanced?
Do you know where i can get a good deal on BAT VK30 new or used?
Grandpad, for reasons completely unexplicable I've found single ended interconnects from preamp to amp make excellent antennas. I had an annoying low level hum I just could not get rid of, switched to balanced cable, sweet silence! What a revelation. If you don't have balanced outputs on your preamp or balanced inputs on your amp you can always use Balanced-Single ended connectors sold by PAD or BAT.

Goone...VK30's do come up on the used market. I bought mine right here on the 'Gon. Jeff
MANY people use this combination. In fact the Blue Circle BC21 tube preamp and BC22 solid state that I'm using were designed to be a pair. Bascially, you get the smoothness of tubes with the power of SS. Have fun.