Can we talk streamers based on UI rather then SQ?

I'm a Node 2i user currently and looking for a change.
I've been reading lots of posts for the last week or so and I'm not sure if I'm more or less confused then
when I started. Lol
Looking to move on from the Node platform because the UI is bothering me.

Most of the topic of discussions based around the multitude of streamers seems to be on SQ.
I could be off base, but I think in my mid-fi system, (Wired 4 Sound STI-500V2 >dac to be determined>Dali Helicon 800) I'll be happy with the SQ of most any streamer. I'm much more concerned with the UI as I really just want it to work as intended.

I've got about $2K to spend on a dac and or dac/streamer. 
I see a ton of praise for the Lumin gear but I also see that it seems to be built around the IOS platform and I use Android / PC. Has this issue been resolved or am I making a mountain out of a mole hill? 

I also like the idea of the Pro-Ject Stream Box S2 Ultra, just have no idea what the UI is like.
Or any small form streamer that "just works"
I like the idea of being able to DAC swap with these.  

What I want out of it:
 Streaming mainly. Tidal, Spotify and the like. 
 Ethernet Connection to my router and no issues linking to my local music files. (Node keeps dropping my local files)
I like the look of my Jriver index but I'm not married to it.
Don't care about Roon at this point.

I don't need a NAS do I? I have less then 1TB of music. 

What will help me make this decision? 
Thank you
What interface are you using to view your local library? 
IE. Audirvana, Jriver?
Or can you run any interface on Ubuntu and it doesnt matter?
I'm assuming Ubuntu is the operating system. 
And everyone else that is recommending Roon.
I've been avoiding it because I can be cheap I guess and I don't see the perceived value in a software that organizes my music when that software costs as much as the streaming service that we all use to stream from. It just seems wrong to me.

I guess I should DL it and see what it's all about. The reviews I've read on it seems like the vast majority of it's perks would be wasted on me.

If all I want is an attractive interface with photos of the albums (like my Jriver app) I need to pay $120 a year for that?

If all I want is an attractive interface with photos of the albums (like my Jriver app) I need to pay $120 a year for that?
No you don't. That is my nit with Roon as well. I've tried it twice and I don't like the way it organizes my music and I don't need all their bells and whistles. I went to some length to tag my music in a way that allows for optimal organization per my needs. For me, I just want a folder view that is easily navigated. Sounds like you want something similar. I have been using Auralic Aries for years. My music is on a Synology NAS and I run Minum Servier on that. The Aries Lightning App has no trouble locating my music library on the NAS and has a decent UI. However, I can use Linn Kinsky as a control point as well and it's UI is pretty decent and provides a folder view. Not sure if Kinsky is an option for you but worth looking into.
If you're using Roon you can use their interface for your local library. I run ROCK which is Roons OS on an Intel NUC and use a raspberry pi4 running Ropiee for an endpoint. You can use the Roon interface on Windows, Mac and Linux devices. 
Flavo: you make fair points. However, I was assuming that you’d prefer to find a solution for $150/year rather than pay $2k+ for a new solution.  Since you’re self described as being cheap - and having problems with keeping connected to your library - Roon seemed like a viable recommendation. No skin off my nose either way.  

FWIW: I have Roon and am dropping it.  While the interface is great and it’s the easiest way to find and index stored files, it doesn’t sound as good as Lightning DS that is available to me on my Auralic.  So, I won’t be renewing my subscription.