Can we talk about Qobuz for a minute

    I use to use Spotify until i heard Tidal, and now with my Parasound Integrated amp having a pretty nice dac onboard im bypassing my Bluesound Node2’s internal dac and it sounds great.

    Is Qobuz just like Tidal as to song selections and ease of use. I haven’t check pricing either.

    Is there a reason some really like Qobuz sound better, without it turning into a blood bath Lol, thanx guys

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I have over 200 playlists I made on Qobuz. The interface (using a Lunin) isn’t tip top but it works well.

SQ is excellent.

Free trial.

The Qobuz web interface and Qobuz app are more robust than the Lumin app (used on a dedicated iPad). 

They all work but I think the SQ is best when using the Lumin app.

If using the native Qobuz playlists, listening to albums, or Qobuz playlists the Lumin app is no problem.

However, adjusting playlists works using the Qobuz native app or web interface. That’s a PIA as playing/listening is done with the Lumin app. It’s a lot of back and forth between apps.
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Hope this helps.
Absolutely love Qobuz! I dumped Tidal last year. Not a fan of MQA (the MQA controversy gave me more reason to dump it) plus I wasn’t enthralled about giving my hard earned money to Jay-Z the drug dealer.