can we still sort by zip code in items for sale?

if so, how?

also, is there a way to get the "quick view" format in for sale items that is, thank goodness, still available in the forums?
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Yeah, we used to be able to by going from our "My Page" I haven't found a way to do so since the "New" Audiogon. I will say though that it is nice to be able to view the for sale ads from newest to oldest. Before we were limited to "New Two Days" and that was it. Can't Audiogon please respond to this thread and fill us in? I think I read somewhere here before that this will be possible after the newness settles in. Yes we can, please visit our blog for all the latest updates on features To search by zip code simply put zip code in the search box and your results will be only what is available for sale in that zip code. We are also working on launching a messaging system for improved communication and much more.
Who knows if it will ever be reactivated. But I sure miss it. I also miss being able to e-mail a member directly. Along with a lot of other features. Change, weren't we sold that word in 2008...
I saw in the blog where the zip search was avail but was unable to find it
I agree with Theo. I miss e-mailing members directly as well. I've met some really cool and helpful people here through that function. I can understand A'gon's wanting to stop the sideline wheeling and dealing but there must have been another way.
It's a pain but you can copy the zip and paste into your google search bar, hit go and the city will come up as a search result.

My virtual system is still not accessible. I have e-mailed twice. Is anyone else having that issue?

Onward and upward....
Yes. My system is not accessible either. I have emailed about the problem.
The best I can figure is that they're still in Beta and working the bugs out. And they're limiting any contact so to have complete control.
I don't like the change, but it is what it is.
IMO, they should have just raised the price to post an ad based on the dollar value of the ad. They would have received their cut up front and not had all the hassle of worrying about people side-stepping the fee. Then it wouldn't matter if we talk to each other - too easy. I suspect what happened is they thought raising the fee too much would start an uproar so they decided to hit everyone on the backside because it wasn't so obvious. Unintended consequences.
typing in the zip code in the search box does nothing.
The Google search box, not Audiogon search box. Just open a new tab, paste the zip in the Google search box, hit go and the search results generally show the city without even having to open them. Once you have your city, close the new tab, it only takes a few seconds.
I think what Lloyd is referring to is being able to search for items based on part of a zip code. You could do that in the previous site under "advanced search." It was great for buying local. Now it looks like you have to enter a complete zip code which isn't nearly as useful.
02-04-12: Mingles
"I think what Lloyd is referring to is being able to search for items based on part of a zip code."

Yeah, I'm pretty sure this is what Lloyd meant.
I searched for and bought/sold this way in the past, especially useful for TTs and speakers, thinks like that that are either expensive or risky to ship. I don't see a way to do it anymore.
I asked the AG staff about this feature, searching by partial ZIP code, and was told that they intended to restore it.
Ok, my misunderstanding. I thought he was referring to where, after opening an ad in the old system, we could just click on the zip code and the city would display. The zip code search function was great also, especially when looking for something like large speakers where shipping could be dicey.
Some sites now have the ability to search within a certain number of miles of a zip code. I think that is what they are planning on adding. It would be much better than using just the first numbers of the zip code.
right, I want to be able to search locally for things that are difficult to ship, or too fragile. Sometimes I'd consider buying something if I see it, but not otherwise. So I hope they restore it. Along with the ability to contact members directly; never had any luck trying to go through the Agon system.
To add onto what Mitch2 said about searching for listing by zip code.

This is what I put into google to get listings active or expired under a certain zip code.


Here I was looking for listings in zip code 11801.

I didn't try a partial zip code search via google.

I hope this helps and doesn't get censored.
jenitite24 - you can search on 11801 in the Audiogon search box and get the items in that zip code.
Hi Dtc

Man I'm having one of those: Gee Why didn't I think of that moments. Your method of zip code search presents the listings a lot neater than what I was doing. It really slipped by me to put the zip code in the Audiogon search box. This really helps me. Thanks for sharing.
Searching by full zip code is useful if your only mode of transportation is a bike or your feet. Or if you have the time to make more than a dozen searches in a relatively populated area. If you are able to drive, searching by partial zip code is the only useful method.
Hi all, I got this message regarding ZIP code seaches from Audiogon today, thought I would pass it on :

Shannon replied:

Hi kenyonbm

We are pleased to announce the launch of our zip code radius search!

We feel that this search is a large improvement over the original version because now youÂ’ll be able to choose the size of the search area instead of a partial zip-code. All you need to do is enter the starting zip code and then select how many miles around the starting zip code you want (25, 50, 100, 200 mi. ) and then click go.

To view more information, please visit our blog

Thank you, if you have any questions, please reply to this email.

Audiogon Support
Thanks Kenyonbm for the post.

I had stumbled upon the zip code radius search last night by accident. It works so far and I'm happy that it is finally there.