Can we start a thread for folks who run a SET amp with a subwoofer or two?

I moved down a pathway that was an offshoot from the mainstream of this hobby-a single end triode 300b amp.  So what I got with a SET was more than I gave up.  But bass lacking can be tough to live with. A brought in a couple of subs that took CONSIDERABLE tuning experiments, measurements, and ultimately following my ear.  

Who has experimented or uses a subwoofer or sub bass condiment with a low powered SET amp? 

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I lived with my Omega Super 3i Monitors for about a year before adding a DeepHemp 8 Subwoofer. As much as I enjoyed the Super 3i's sans sub, I really missed what good bass brings to the mix. The sub is wired to my 2 wpc Decware SE84UFO via speaker-level connections. The Omega sub is, of course, a perfect mate to the speakers and once I got it dialed in .. well, I'll just say it was well worth the cost and effort.