Can we start a thread for folks who run a SET amp with a subwoofer or two?

I moved down a pathway that was an offshoot from the mainstream of this hobby-a single end triode 300b amp.  So what I got with a SET was more than I gave up.  But bass lacking can be tough to live with. A brought in a couple of subs that took CONSIDERABLE tuning experiments, measurements, and ultimately following my ear.  

Who has experimented or uses a subwoofer or sub bass condiment with a low powered SET amp? 

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I use 2 REL subs with a Dennis Had 12wpc Firebottle great, although I have to pile up the REL cable spades on the speaker strain on the amp though due to very high impedance with the RELs, and bananas for the main speakers (99db 8 ohm Klipsch Heresy IIIs) get the mojo to the mains.