Can we fit Dunlavy SC-VI in a samller room?

Hi Guy,

I consider to replace my SC-IV with SC-VI in a room size 13' width * 20' length * 9' Height. Can anyone here provide any recommened how to put the big speaker in to this room size or can they put?

Thanks for all comment and suggestion.
I strongly recommend not doing this. First you need to be at least 10' away from the SC-IV for good driver integration. With a 20' lenth, you can achieve this with the listener about 4 feet off the back wall and the speakers about 6 feet into the room. The narrow room can be dealt with from absorption and diffusion. It's not easy, but not insurmountable. The real problem is the bass. You have a lot of driver moving a lot of air in a small volume. By the time you get reasonable inertia on the low frequency drivers you will likely be overloading the room and have some really significant bass peaks and in general just more bass relative to mids and highs. You can (and would need) a parametric EQ. Our company makes one, the Rives PARC, and it's extremely useful, but we would recommend more appropriate speakers for that room size rather than trying to fix the inherent problem with an eq.
I second Rives comments.
And I third it. Great speakers, but they need a larger room than you have. You might look for a IV-A instead.
Sadly, Rives is right. I have the SC-IVa's in a 17'x30'x10' room placed on the long wall. Even for the IVa's it is recommended to be a least 10' from the speaker before all the frequencies (of the direct sound) come together spatially. My experience would say you might do all right at even 8' with only a small compromise and I have heard of them (IV's) being used in a smallish room with satisfaction. I have had to dampen and diffuse the wall behind the listening position because it is so close and I have other features in my situation (like a large opening on one end)that make it quite satisfactory.

With IVa's you just might make it in your room although it will not be ideal and you probably would need to treat the room...They are superb speakers, though, and a tremendous bargain if you can find them.

I also would dearly love to get the V's or VI's but unless I win the lottery and add on to my house it just isn't going to happen.
Thank for the comment especially Rives. The reason that I think to move on due to I saw a good deal on the SC VI. I was thinking that putting that speaker for this small room for a while (don't know when?) before moving to the other bigger room in the future. I thought that some audiophile always think in this way when they have something in his mind. Anyway, the temporary small room need to be at least very satisfy to me rather than bass boom and get boring than SC-IV.

Just a question on Rives suggestion, if I place them in the narrow room, while at the listening side have the door size 7' * 3' fully open or partial open. Is it still worth to listen to them?
The door can help with pressure loading. Opening a door can relieve that pressure. However, I've been humbled a few times expecting a door to change modes fairly dramatically and it didn't. Thus I still advise against the VI for a room with an open door.
One reason Dunlavy made different marks of the SC series of speakers was to accommodate different size rooms. You really will lose a lot of what these speakers do right if you try to shoehorn them into too small a room, and I think ultimately you will find them disappointing in that application. I'd suggest you resist the temptation, there will always be another pair that shows up in the future, and maybe then you'll have the room for them. And hopefully you will also have an amplifier that can control the tremendous amount of bass that these monsters can produce.
Thank for Rives and Rcprince for very strong recommendation. Look like I need to give up this idea.

However, for the EQ and room correction equipment, I really interesting in this. Rives, would you mind that I write you the email asking about this later?

Thanks for all comment.
Chalitr: I'll be happy to answer any questions you have on the PARC. Most of it is on the website, but I'm glad to answer additional questions.

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