So we're all tired of hearing about nothing but Covid-19 (or, as I term it, the C-Plague). What can we do, as audiophiles, to help with all this.
I was amazed, and delighted, when I went to the Cardas website to see that they are doing their part. Go to their website and you'll see their director, Angela Cardas, wearing a mask. If you click on the Cardas Nautilus logo in the upper left corner, you'll see pictures of people there in the factory making masks with sewing machines. I called the company to congratulate them, and spoke with a woman named Darla, who said it was their way, during this economic slump, to keep their employees working and also their way of trying to "do our part."
I'm not writing all this to advertise Cardas products. They are a very good company, but trust your ears, not anything I write, when it comes to buying their products. They do get credit, however, for helping me come to a realization that pushed me in the right direction. I called a woman I am friends with, who is 85 years old and is a good seamstress, to suggest she start making masks. She already was--and is. By phone she has organized several other women to do the same, and right now they are needing more material and elastic. I managed to gather about 50 pounds of material and am starting to gather elastic while also getting more material. But I don't sew. I can't help out with that. Any ideas as to what we--all of us who are good with our ears and focused with our budgets--can do to help out in other ways?

I realize this is an odd topic to bring to an audio forum, but it was a very socially responsible audio company that got me to thinking about it, and frankly I believe I should be socially responsible enough to do what I can to get other people to thinking about it. While also being open to other people's ideas about ways someone like me who is "just an audiophile" can help.

Thank you, in advance, for any and all ideas on this.


"Why are you such a freak? What happened?"
How much time you have to listen?
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Yes I always wear a mask, but mostly ( just in case) to protect others. Apparently masks are much better at stopping the virus spread as opposed to preventing someone of getting the virus by wearing a mask
Okay fair deal ozzy62,
I will send you over some paper work then for you to sign. It will state that you will agree to:
  1. Not come within 10 feet of another human being, until you inform them that you are, by choice, not taking adequate measures to stay safe. That would include not being allowed in stores, restaurants, friends houses, etc. unless they, and all other people attending that location agree.
  2. That if you do get sick with Covid19, you agree to be locked in your house, and you will absolutely, under no circumstances, request medical assistance no matter how sick you get.

Please have it witnessed as well.
Thank You

ozzy62919 posts05-14-2020 2:26pm And even then, it should be their choice depending on how concerned they are for THEIR own health.

Again, let common sense win the day.


I have always admired how classy you are.

What happened? You asked and now you don’t you want to find out what happened with me? It is interesting. To you, at least. I promise.