Can volume/selector pots be switched out of a pre?

I recently had my MF Nu-Vista M3 serviced, and one of the things that was done was to clean out the volume and selector pots, which were noisy. They're fine now, but it occured to me that it might have been a more reliable long-term solution to simply install new units. My amp has Alps pots, but could you use a different brand and just wire them in? I imagine you'd lose the remote control in the process, but that wouldn't be the end of the world.

It's a hypothetical question at this point as my amp is now working wonderfully, but I'd be curious to know if anyone has ever swapped out these parts.
Sure. If you are willing to give up the remote control, you might even consider stepped attenuators for the VC.

If it happens again you might try special lubricants/cleaners:
Depends on how the circuit board is laid out inside that case.
The volume control in your product is probably hardwired right to a circuit board (along with a bunch of other buttons and switches in your product.)
So you would need to open yoour product and see if the volume control has the room to allow a different replacement.
Some preamps are more hand wired and one could replace the volume control with anything that would fit within the space.
Others, nearly impossible.
Then even if you do have room, you need to know what the specs are on the original volume control, or you may wind up with nearly no usable movement in a wrong one. IE: either only a tiny movement from quiet to blasting, or in addition, the control is at the top or bottom of travel with limited use and no good control of the volume, or full turning from zero to 100% still only gives a small variation in the volume..
I also have one and my tech expert recommended often turning the selector knob back and fourth several times as a way of keeping the contacts clean.
Would suggest replacing a pot with a good attenuator, if practical. I had to do a custom DIY because of the values but that's a lot of work. Goldpoint, Marchand, and DACT have a lot more options since back then.

Nowadays, would be more inclined to use a series relay board or a chip (PGA2310) with a rotary encoder or LCD touch screen. There are kits for just about everything.
Thanks for the responses. Thats all interesting to know!