Can Vinyl LP's Survive In A Room that Gets 95 Degrees?

Can vinyl LP’s survive in a room that gets to 95 degrees Farenheit?
The records will be on a shelf standing vertically.
I need to move my vinyl collection and the room they will go to does not have air conditioning and it will get up to 95 degrees Farenheit in there sometimes.
There will be no direct sunlight on the records.
That would make for a great, uhm, quickly expanding material. As vapors in this case might occupy 1000 times more space.

Carpet bombing with old copies of Ferrante & Teicher , bent fabric, and Al Jolson?  The Bill Cosby records alone could deal with an entire country....

Mitch - I stored 2 boxes of albums in my attic when I lived in Atlanta for around 10 years. Only 1 warped record - they were packed tightly, that probably helped.
I'd be more worried about humidity. Mold will grow on vinyl; especially if there is something like a fingerprint to help it get started growing.