Can use a Theta DS Pro Basic III as a DAC?

I own a Theta DS Pro Basic III digital processor and my Theta Data Basic II CD Transport finally bit the dust. I wish to salvage the Pro Basic Processor.

Can I use this in place of a modern day DAC to connect a computer music server, such as a Mac Mini, to my preamp? I also own an Audio Alchemy Pro 32 if that is any help.
Hi Kenny.---I'm posting because around 100 years ago I owned both of the dacs you mention.---Ya,ya, Mom told me a million times not to exaggerate,huh--.
I would guess you need one of them there new fashioned dacs with the usb connections.---I'm way behind the times in that area and I don't do the new down load stuffs. I would guess there must be a device with the usb stuff with a coax out??? But I don't know for sure.
Yes I am using one right now. Have found the M Audio gear works great as USB to Digital converter.
There are plenty out there that will work just fine...Good Luck
The Theta does not have a USB connection, but it does have a Toslink input. The Mac Mini has an audio digital out as a mini jack that may be optical. I'm not sure if they're compatible or if I'd be mixing apples with oranges.
Okay, I got smart and called Theta. This can be done because the Mini Mac's digital audio output is optical and the needed SPDIF format. All I need is a Mini Toslink to Toslink cable.

I tried this with a Theta Pro Prime DAC and it did work but sounded verrrrrryy verrrryy bad.
Yeah, I'm putting the Theta back to CD duty where it does sound good.
We use the Theta Pro Progeny A as a DAC with a Squeezebox, this made a good difference. I would be interested to know what level I would have to hit to see a true upgrade to this? for Example: cambridge dac majic - would this make much of a difference or do i need to go higher up the audio food chain? Any suggestions folks?
Based on the detailed review from Blindjim, I have bought a M2Tech hiFace with bnc and connected it to a Theta Gen Va BNC in. I would recomend to replace the rca in on your ProBasic with a BNC chassis jack.
The sound is very good, but difficult to say it is better than the AES/EBU direct feed from the Cary CD 303/200.