Can use a opinion on Stealth - CWS interconects...

Considering purchaseing a pair of stealth CWS interconnects for my BAT system.
Interested to know what the word is on them. Need a 7.5 foot run. Stealths price is about $650. It seems
to me this area of hi end is real difficut to get a handle on. Lots of blue somke and mirrors. Thanks.....

Very well made cable with some of the best manufacturer support/advise you can get. Serguei will answer any question & help you with system problems. I was in my "cable phase" when I had Stealth cables & have no complaints whatsoever, just wanted to try other stuff. The CWS are very detailed & smooth for silver cables. I've since discovered & purchased a complete set of Luminous Audio cables, another company with superior manufacturer's support.
They are very nice and a lot of bang for the buck. I recently compared them (1m) against other wires costing up to $1000 and they were always JUST as good and in one case BETTER than the ones that DID cost a grand.
Good luck!
I picked up a pair of CWS (33FT) Balanced from my Pre-amp to my monos and after 2 months of break in, I am very happy.
The detail is very good and the top end is accentuated, this could be a bad or a good thing depending on your system

Agree with the above posters...Stealth manufactures great quality cables. Serguei will speak with you himself if need be. I especially like his speaker pieces...very very made, durable construction, premium spades. Useable in all but the higest level of audio systems...detailed, able to carry the signal, not bright. Buy 'em!
Driver,now that you've had a chance to listen to your Luminous interconnects how do they compare to the Stealth cables you previously had.And what other cables did you audition in between the Stealths and Luminous? Are the Luminous so good that your cable comparisons are over?