Can use 12V trigger with Classe RC-1?

Hello everyone,
I just bought a Classe RC-1 (remote interface box) yesterday for my CA-200. On the back, it has a mini jack labeled SSP 5V. May I use the 12 volt trigger from my Aragon Stage One with this device? Is the center conductor of the mini jack positive? Again, thanks.
Well I found an answer from Classe customer service- so in case anyone finds this thread in the future... the answer is YES. The mini jack on the RC-1 can accept 5V to 12V, center conductor positive, and will turn on amps 1 through 6 (if connected) in order- about 1/2 second between each amp. You can also use an RC-4 remote to power on amps, or remotes for the 50 or 60 preamps from Classe. I'm not positive how many mA the RC-1 requires, but 85 mA is at least sufficient (as that is what I have). Hope someone else benefits from this sometime. John
I can't help you on your question, but I am trying to buy and RC-1 as a remote trigger for my CAV-180. May I ask where you found yours?