Can upgrading your front end make your bad records sound good?

Upgrading my Ortophon RS 309D tone arm to a Triplanar SE transformed my record collection. (Woodsong Garrard 301) Previously bad recordings now sound interesting and enjoyable. Now it is rare that I find a record that sounds bad.
Inspired by this, I ordered and am waiting for an Atma-Sphere MP-1 to replace my Atma MP-3 and a Lyra Atlas to replace my Miyajima Shalabi. I don’t think this will magically make the few bad records sound good but the overall improvement should be significant and, maybe, great. The new preamp should flesh out the sound and the new cartridge should pick up much more of what is in the groves. Any ideas of what to expect?
When SQ increases performances can be more appreciated.
Now listening to a very old sounding Billie Holiday. Clearly hearing the phrasing and emotion is thrilling. Big orchestral pieces are still a challenge. But hearing them less congested is cool. And piano sounds much closer to the real thing. And this is just with the Triplanar. Very interested to hear the $28k MP-1 and the $12k Lyra.
It is a major investment. Should be clearly reflected.
A significant current issue is that the compliance of the Miyajima cart is a mismatch with the Triplanar. I get distortion on dynamic peaks. The Lyra is a strong recommendation from Triplanar. Think the proper tracking will be excellent. And I ought to get a ton more details!

Your new cartridge and preamp should be great.
I would suggest you do one change at a time, do one, have a listen for a couple of days, and then the other - this will give you a better understanding of your system, which will be handy for future upgrades.
Thanks Dover,
Actually I should have the preamp in a week or 2. The cartridge will take many more weeks to arrive. There is a major backlog of orders for all Lyra carts.