Can two different passive preamp sound the same?

Can two different maker of a passive preamp sound the same? Assuming they use the same components through out...that is, same brand of volume pot, WBT RCA plugs (eg) and same cables for internal wiring.

Are passive preamps very dependent on the output of the CD player since technically they don't exude any musical "signature" of their own...or do they? And how do they compare to a tube based preamp?

Any thoughts?

Higoh2006, go to my review of the Bent Audio Tap linestage and it will provide many of the details/information that you are seeking.
Thanks Teajay! Very informative postings! Any idea on how the Bent Audio 102M TVC preamp?
My Raysonic 128 CD player sounded terrible (glary, scrawny, threadbare)
through a passive linestage built by a friend of mine. Sounds terrific through my
active CJ Premier 17LS2. No idea whether this was the player or the linestage at
issue, but his own player/DAC sounded just fine through the passive.